Disaster recovery and backup solutions

When disaster strikes, recover and continue quickly

Cloud recovery for applications and data

Disaster recovery incorporates the strategy and plans defined to ensure that when disaster strikes, a business can be up and running again with least possible downtime. Backing up data and services is an essential element of a disaster recovery plan.

Cloud recovery for applications and data

Keep safe with the power of the cloud

Ensure you’re protected against cyberattacks and risk of natural disasters.

Ransomware protection

A backup will safeguard your business against attack, with AI-powered monitoring providing even greater protection.

Lower costs

Cloud backups and disaster recovery saves on costs by removing expensive multi-site hardware solutions.

Simple setup

Built-in cloud recovery removes the need for complex on-premise setups across multiple sites.

Disaster recovery and backup products

Acronis Cyber Protect is a sophisticated service built on Acronis’s own cloud that runs your data and applications while you recover your business. We will create a unique disaster recovery solution that is tailored to your business, testing it regularly, so that your business can continue to operate whatever the situation.


Easy recovery

A simple way to define groups of computers and recovery workloads so you can swiftly put your disaster recovery plan into action.

Workload support

Support for physical and virtual workloads means cover for all assets of a modern IT infrastructure.

Simple pricing

With pay-as-you-go pricing, it's easy to set up and support your disaster recovery plan. Only protect and pay for the servers you need.

Fast testing

Run disaster recovery simulations quickly so that you can be sure your protection will work in an emergency.

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