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With Cobweb you will unleash the full power of your business, increase productivity, reduce costs and future proof your business. Realise your ambitions and let our cloud services help you grow.

How can our Cloud Solutions help your business?

Increase Productivity

Everything you need to become more productive, so it’s easier for your team to collaborate, organise and share files, and manage meetings on the move.

Secure Your Business

Identity-driven and intelligent security protects your business from threats, viruses and other malicious attacks, across all devices and applications.

Optimise Your IT Infrastructure

The cloud is transforming the way organisations work, allowing them to be more agile, productive and positioned to respond effectively to today’s business challenges.

Making the Most of the Modern Workplace

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“The move to Office 365 has made a huge difference in terms of productivity and cost. The wide range of communication and collaboration tools has allowed us to concentrate on using our resources more effectively and helped us increase our competitiveness in the market. Hosting our own email would be a real distraction, especially when Cobweb offers a specialist service to do it all, including maintenance and back-up.”

Rob Myles, Director of Technology, REX Features


“We want to keep as much of our IT infrastructure as possible in the Cloud. It’s more cost-effective and Cobweb’s hosting ensures our team can work from anywhere, safely and securely, as well as more productively. Using Skype for Business has enabled us to communicate effectively in real-time. For conference calls, team meetings, solving clients’ queries and supporting them, I’d recommend Cobweb and Skype for Business.”

Laura Mattin, Operations Director at Leadent Solutions

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“Email is a business critical application for all3media but I knew from the start that I would not have the time to deal with the daily hassles and threats from spam, viruses, system failures and backups. Security of our systems is a top priority and I wanted to ensure that the solution we put in place would provide comprehensive protection.”

Damien Frost, IT Director of all3media


“The services provided by Cobweb took just six weeks from initial enquiry to being fully operational and have helped us to be more productive and improve our exposure to the academic research community. We now have the perfect public-facing website, with SEO optimisation and easily accessible information for researchers interested in using our services.”

MAHSC-CTU Research & Development Information & Systems Development Manager, Matthew Richardson

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"Cobweb delivered the project within budget, utilising available resources, and within the specified timeframe. The project went exceptionally well, with minimal user impact and a very successful migration."

Matthew Reynolds, IT Director, Southampton Football Club

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The Battle of Business Email

Aug 24, 2018, 17:27 PM
While instant messaging, social networking, and chat, are playing an increasingly important part in work-life, email continues to see strong and growing use.
Subtitle : Cloud (Office 365) vs. Hosted vs. On-premises
Title :

Microsoft Exchange has been at the heart of enterprise communications since 1996. The calendaring and mail server, developed by Microsoft, has grown into the most robust platform of its kind. It is the engine that drives communications around the world.

The Battle of the Business Email looks at the relative advantages of email solutions hosted on-premises, in the cloud as a Hosted Exchange option, or as part of Microsoft Office 365.

Topics covered in the eBook:

 Cloud (Microsoft Office 365) vs. Hosted Exchange vs. On-premises: What are the differences?

 Relative features - including covering security, compliance and SLA and availability, and data residency  

Cloud (Microsoft Office 365) vs. Hosted Exchange vs. On-premises - the bottom line: a look at the potential TCO (total cost of ownership) for each option

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  • Microsoft Office 365
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The Battle of Business-Email The Battle of Business Email The Battle of Business Email
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