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You'd back up your phone, so why not your business?

29 April 2019

One click

iCloud? Google Photos? Dropbox? Most of us back up our treasured moments, photos and videos that we have stored on personal devices, so that they can be recovered regardless of what happens. But do you know if your work-related documents and files are also protected?

Ensuring that your business has a strong back-up solution can save you from unintentional file deletion, human error, as well as cyberattacks, including malware and ransomware attacks. A report by technology publication, IT Pro, highlighted that around four million UK businesses could be at risk of losing their data as a result of inadequate — or even non-existent — back-up practices. Are you one of them?

Join Cobweb as we take you through the benefits of having a back-up solution in place as well as how easily you can restore 100% of your office data, if the worst should happen. Plus, we'll go through the different tools that you can use to back-up data.

Please note that this webinar is not live, and will be shared with those who have registered on the 29 April 2019.


Meet the hosts

 Emma Jobling  Luke Lucas
Emma Jobling
Head of Cobweb Sales 
Luke Lucas,
Managed Services Engineer


What should you expect? 



In less than one hour, we will take you through:


 The benefits of utilising a back-up solution on top of back-up systems that may come as standard

 The different levels of back-up that you can utilise within your business

 Demonstrations of how easily users can back-up and recover data

Please remember that this isn't a live webinar.

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