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Discover why your mobile phone
is more secure than your business

13 February | 12:00-13:00
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It might sound a bit extreme to say that your mobile phone is more secure than your business but do you take advantage of biometrics, MFA, or even backing up your data in the same way as your phone does?

78% of business-owners believe that their business simply isn't a target for hackers but with the average security breach costing between £65,000-£115,000 to remedy, we think it's not a risk worth taking.

Join Cobweb as we take you through the myths behind cyber-security and the solutions that you can implement without disrupting productivity or your budget. Don't believe us? Register today.


Meet the host


Oliver Moazzezi

Oliver Moazzezi, Solutions Architect


What should you expect?


 In one hour, we will take you through:


 The common misconceptions behind cyber-security and what is actually true

 Where to start with business security and the solutions that are available, ranging from email security, data back-up to user and system security

 Why a strong security plan doesn't equal a drop in your business's productivity