End User & IT Admin Training

Develop your skills and educate your technical teams

At Cobweb, we aim to empower our customers to get the most value from the products and services we provide. Cloud Applications and Cyber Security are evolving at breakneck speed and the need to keep up with advancements is crucial in keeping the competitive advantage these solutions provide.

Through our training delivery partner Vuzion, the Vuzion Edge platform provides targeted training on either a group or individual basis. Courses last from one to five days covering different levels of complexity.

Develop your skills and educate your technical teams

End User Training

End User training covers subjects such as Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, Microsoft Teams Phone Essentials and Increased cyber safety and cyber resilience, enabling your employees to maximise the potential of the products they are using.

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IT Administrator Training

For IT Administrators, more advanced training courses, covering many areas such as Best Practices for Security, Azure Administration, Analysing Data with Power BI and Managing Microsoft Teams.

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All training is established in conjunction with vendors, with direct input from strategic partnerships including hand-picked certified trainers, giving access to a comprehensive programme of training resources.

Investing in developing your teams pays back. Our customer feedback shows that through a deeper understanding of solutions and finding the best ways to implement software in a safe and secure manner, increases productivity, and the streamlining of processes through improved knowledge leads to higher growth.