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Why your M365 data may be at risk…

Microsoft backs up all my data, right?

Microsoft 365 may come with backup and recovery capabilities, but there are gaps. Whether it’s ransomware, accidental deletion or a disgruntled employee, if you don’t have a backup solution in place, you’re at serious risk of losing your data. In Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model, it’s clear that you are responsible for backing up your M365 data and so finding the right backup solution is key to strengthening any organisation’s cyber security.

What's inside?

  • The importance of data and backup - Understand the significance of data and why backing it up is integral to any organisation.
  • Microsoft's Shared Responsibility Model - Learn why you are responsible for your M365 data, not Microsoft.
  • The consequences of data loss - There's no shortage of ways to lose your data. Data loss is damaging and can lead to financial or legal implications.
  • Keeping your data backed up - Creating a multi-layered cyber security approach in your organisation is vital. Discover the backup solutions we recommended to organisations.