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Cobweb earns Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialisation status

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Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the desktop and app virtualisation service that runs in Microsoft Azure.

If you’re new to Windows Virtual Desktop – which is now being renamed Azure Virtual Desktop – WVD enables access to desktop applications from virtually any device with internet connection.

Depending on the business’s and individual employee requirements, users can access either a full virtual desktop or individual applications – whether Microsoft’s Office applications, or SAGE for the finance team, or bespoke software, for example.

Access is via PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and users’ own devices if needed – without compromising security. The business can also define access time periods – such as whether it’s needed 24*7, or only for core office hours to be able to implement the most cost-effective solution.

Remote working

WVD proved a life-saver for many businesses during the pandemic, with offices suddenly forced to close and employees moved to remote working. For many, locked out from the office would have meant being locked away from data and applications – and locked out from work itself.

As businesses across the country begin to move to hybrid working environments, remote access to the applications on which users depend, is going to remain as important as ever – and why at Cobweb we’ve been investing so heavily in upskilling our staff to ensure we’re here to give the best possible advice to our customers.

Why the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialisation is so special

Microsoft sets stringent criteria to be met when awarding Specialisations, and we’ve worked hard to achieve the Windows Virtual Desktop Specialisation – one of only a few providers in the UK to do so.

Cobweb staff across various teams have had to pass exams and as a company we’ve had to pass a third-party audit of our Windows Virtual Desktop technical practices.

We see receiving this Specialisation award as a way of inspiring additional customer confidence, proving that we have some of the best expertise in the country, and can ensure our customers are up and running with WVD quickly, efficiently and in the most cost-effective way.

If you’d like to find out more about Windows (Azure) Virtual Desktop speak to the Cobweb Team. We have our teams of experts ready and waiting to help!