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Microsoft AI – An Introduction to Copilot

Register for our must-see webinar on Wednesday 13th December 2023 at 2pm, as our Microsoft experts introduce and take a deep dive into Microsoft 365 Copilot and what it means for your business. Find out more below and register today!

Wednesday 13th December 2023 | 14:00 - 14:45

Webinar Overview

The transition to AI and a new way of working is well underway. Advanced AI technologies like Microsoft Copilot are poised to alleviate the challenges of constantly growing workloads and demands, while also paving the way for new avenues of learning and success.

That's why organisations like yours must ensure that they are readying individuals, data, and systems for a comprehensive transformation in the workplace. In our upcoming webinar, we'll cover:

An introduction to Copilot

Everything you need to know about Microsoft's powerful AI tool

A deep dive into Copilot's use cases

Real life examples of how Copilot can enhance productivity in the Microsoft tools you use every day - including in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams and Outlook

How to prepare for Copilot and AI

Organisations need to start thinking about preparing for the era of AI. We'll discuss what this means in terms of a data strategy and infrastructure and resource requirements


We'll finish with a Q&A session with our Microsoft experts who will be on hand to answer questions you have including on pricing, licensing requirements, data privacy, and more!

If you'd like to attend, please sign up via the form above.