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Rackspace Hosted Exchange ‘Security Incident’ leaves 1000’s of companies stranded

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Early Saturday morning, Rackspace customers started complaining that they were unable to access their accounts.

Rackspace set up an incident response page stating ‘We are investigating an issue that is affecting our Hosted Exchange environments. More details will be posted as they become available’.

Rackspace then offered free access to – Microsoft 365 through an Exchange Plan 1 subscription, as the fastest way to restore service, and offered do-it-yourself instructions on how to migrate.

The Security Incident has now been confirmed as a ransomware attack and highlights not just the need for protection against cyber threats, but also the need to have disaster recovery solutions in place such as effective back-up.

Over two decades ago Cobweb led the development of Hosted Exchange as a product and since then have evolved into a Cloud Solution Provider. During this time we have completed the move of all our hosted customers along with numerous customers running on premise and 3rd party solutions to pure cloud Microsoft Solutions.

Microsoft recognise that Cobweb has more experience than any other Microsoft Partner in migrations from Hosted Exchange to M365. In these challenging times for both supplier and customer, safeguarding users and data from external threats is paramount, and Microsoft 365 provides a secure platform to meet these needs.

If you are a looking for improved security solutions, or are looking to move to the cloud, we can help you migrate to the most appropriate products and services for your business, and ensure your environment is as secure as possible.

Utilising Microsoft 365 for identity and device management, Mimecast mail gateways and Acronis backup solutions, Cobweb can help you move to a resilient, secure, and modern platform ensuring your users, data and devices remain safe and secure at all times.

Please contact our team for more details on our product bundles as well as professional services.