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Introducing: Cobweb Managed Services

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Welcome to Cobweb Managed Services, where we take your IT load off your shoulders. From configuration changes to new feature implementation, our team of experts ensures your IT systems are maintained with the best solutions.

Why Settle for Less?

In a whirlwind of ever-shifting IT trends, keeping up with new knowledge can feel like an uphill battle. That’s where our managed service steps in – a beacon of efficiency and expertise. But you’re probably wondering, how is Cobweb different to any other managed service provider? What makes Cobweb different? You’re right to question this, and we’re glad you asked…

At Cobweb, we defy the norm and distance ourselves from being labelled as a mere ‘jack of all trades.’ Our Managed Services operate with a comprehensive, finely tuned approach, catering to your unique needs, while retaining our specialised expertise. Collaborative by nature, our approach elevates your cloud journey. We don’t just claim expertise; we have the proof to back it:

  • We’ve been on a 27-year journey, many of our customers have been with us since the start!
  • We have a thriving community of over 4,000 satisfied customers.
  • We span a multitude of industries – from real estate to sports to legal services – shaping tailor-made solutions for each.
  • Our team has 100’s of years of combined Microsoft, Managed Services and Cyber Security experience.

At Cobweb, we view a Managed Service partnership as an extension of your team. Far from a one-off engagement, we’re committed to supporting your business’s long-term growth journey, where reaching new heights is just a phone call away.

Which Platforms do we Specialise in?

Our expertise extends across a range of platforms, including M365, Azure, and Acronis. Cobweb always strives to guarantee that your business’s individual needs are addressed, with a designated account manager ready to guide you at every step.

Your Advantage

In the past, the predominant advantage of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) was largely centred around cost savings. However, this focus has evolved to encompass a broader spectrum of benefits, extending beyond mere financial gains. Our Managed Services enable you to achieve efficiencies on a grander scale, allowing for the strategic redirection of resources. This redirection, in turn, creates a distinct competitive edge, as these new efficiencies do not only generate fresh streams of revenue but also elevate the overall effectiveness of your operational endeavours. By having a dedicated Technical Account Manager at your disposal, communication channels remain perpetually open to drive the continuous optimisation of your services.

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Cobweb Managed Services

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