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Cyber Security Awareness Month: Time to Reassess and Reinforce

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As October begins, it is a significant month in the IT calendar – Cyber Security Awareness Month. Being a leading managed service provider, we understand the weight and responsibility that comes with safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring the digital wellbeing of our clients.

Here we discuss the importance of cyber security and the tools we rely on to create a fortress around your digital presence.

  1. Microsoft Licensing: Beyond Just Compliance

Ensuring that your Microsoft licensing is correctly set up, utilised, and monitored is not just about compliance – it’s about security. Properly licensed software receives timely updates and patches, which are crucial in protecting against vulnerabilities. At Cobweb, we provide meticulous oversight on Microsoft licensing, ensuring that your software is not only compliant but also optimised for security.

  1. Email Security: The Gateway to Your Digital Domain

Email is one of the most common methods of communication in business, but it’s also a hotspot for malicious activities. A compromised email can lead to disastrous outcomes – from stolen intellectual property to substantial financial losses. This is why we emphasise the importance of Mimecast. It provides an excellent layer of security by intercepting and filtering out phishing attempts, malicious links, and harmful attachments. With Mimecast, you can rest assured that your communications remain genuine and uncompromised.

  1. Backup: Your Digital Safety Net

Imagine losing years of hard work in an instant. Terrifying, right? That’s where the role of robust backup solutions like Acronis comes into play. Not only does Acronis ensure that your data is safely stored and protected from threats, but it also facilitates easy recovery in case of any unexpected data loss. At Cobweb, we believe that a good backup system isn’t just about storage – it’s about peace of mind.

  1. Password Managers: The Digital Lock and Key

The average individual uses dozens of online platforms, and each requires a password. Remembering them all is not just challenging but insecure. Writing them down or using simple passwords can make you vulnerable to attacks. Enter LastPass. As a password manager, LastPass ensures that you maintain unique, strong passwords for all your accounts without the hassle of remembering them. It’s like having a highly secure vault for all your digital keys!

  1. Phish Testing: The Digital Drill

Awareness and training are paramount in avoiding the traps set by cybercriminals. That’s why tools like KnowBe4 are invaluable. They simulate real-life phishing attacks, allowing employees to recognise and combat real threats. It’s akin to a fire drill, but for cyber threats. By regularly testing and training, we ensure that your first line of defence – your employees – remains vigilant and informed.

As the world of technology advances, cyber threats adapt in tandem. It’s an ongoing game of strategy and countermove. At Cobweb, we remain proactive, continually refining our expertise, tools, and approaches. Keep in mind that timely actions in the digital sphere, whether through Mimecast, Acronis, LastPass, KnowBe4, or proper Microsoft licensing, not only prevent minor setbacks but could safeguard your entire digital domain.

Stay safe, stay informed, and remember: your cyber security is our utmost priority.

If you would like a free cyber security assessment fill in this form, it’s free for October. Happy Cyber Security Awareness Month!