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Opting for Managed IT over in-house expansion

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The IT infrastructure within your organisation is crucial for its success in today’s digital era. Business expansion is heavily dependent on the effective utilisation of technology to make a significant impact and the companies that excel are those that employ technology most innovatively and have the time to manage it.

However, with the UK grappling with significant issues like the skills shortage and the rising cost of living, the ability for many businesses to invest in IT to the necessary extent for success is becoming increasingly challenging.

But what about opting for a service which offers the same efficiency, practicality, security and expertise of an in-house IT team? This is a managed IT service. It’s like having an IT manager 24/7, who never leaves or goes on holiday, is never sick and yet costs only a fraction of what it would to hire one.

So what are the benefits of Managed IT?

To remain competitive, your business must operate efficiently. A lack of efficiency can cause your entire operation to decelerate, preventing it from being well-equipped to handle the workload and challenges of a modern business environment.

Without an expensive IT department, maintaining efficiency is difficult. One IT technician or a small team may not suffice for all your requirements and they are often restricted to assisting just one or two individuals simultaneously, decelerating your operations and possibly resulting in greater downtime. Time is money after all!

Choosing a Managed IT Service resolves this issue at a minimal cost, providing on-demand access to a full team (which should possess strategic vendor relationships to expedite recovery times) without the need to enlarge your IT staff. Essentially, it grants access to IT specialists, enhanced security, and rapid resolution times, all while being more cost-effective than hiring and expanding your IT team.

How will a Managed Service help my IT budget?

For many businesses, budgeting for IT can be challenging due to the skills shortage, making it hard to find the right employee and agree on a wage that satisfies both the business and the individual’s needs.

Opting for a managed IT service, businesses only need to pay a pre-agreed service charge per term, gaining access to a team of experts and continuous support. This team can function as an extension of your existing IT department, liberating resources that can be redirected towards business growth.

Gain a competitive edge

Having access to IT expertise can provide your business with a competitive advantage. You will receive guidance on the latest technologies that can drive organisational change, enabling you to leverage tools like AI and business process automation (BPA) effectively.

The support of a knowledgeable team from a managed IT service provider ensures that you receive comprehensive assistance and can resolve issues swiftly, minimising operational downtime.

Choosing Managed IT enhances security and compliance

Much like security cameras monitoring your home 24/7, a Managed IT service will proactively monitor for any suspicious activity within your own digital environment, to mitigate malicious actors causing harm to your organisation’s data. 

Protecting your business around the clock is a resource most businesses simply don’t have without using Managed IT services. Even if you employ an IT specialist to monitor your organisation’s security, there will be times when they are not available and need to go home. However, a Managed Service provides continuous 24/7 monitoring and ensures that new security patches and updates are applied promptly, so your business is never left exposed.

Managed IT service providers can also help you understand compliance regulations and provide advice to ensure you’re not violating these regulations. This helps to prevent noncompliance, which could lead to litigation consequences.

How Cobweb can help

We’ve seen why IT for businesses can be costly. A managed IT service removes this stress and gives you access to a team of experts who work in the background and can help whenever you need it.

Check out Cobweb’s award winning managed services! We’ll be able to work with you and guarantee that your organisation has everything it needs to grow, as well as take care of anything else that you may require.

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