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5 Signals It’s Time To Look For A New MSP…

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Is it time to re-evaluate your Managed Service Provider’s (MSP) effectiveness?

While changing MSPs might seem like a hassle, a poor relationship or lack of two-way communication with your provider can lead to bigger issues down the road, including cyber security vulnerabilities.

Here are 5 warning signs that suggest your company needs a new MSP:

  1. They’re a one timer

An MSP should do what it says in the name – manage. This means frequently assessing and recommending improvements to your IT infrastructure. It should not just be a one-time job, just as it is not a one size fits all approach. Building a relationship with your MSP based on trust and frequent communication ensures a better understanding and personalised service for your business.

  1. Unreliable customer service

What’s one of the main reasons a company will go to use an MSP? The expertise and skill they provide. If your current MSP doesn’t meet it’s SLA (Service Level Agreement), or is slow responding to queries raised, it’s a clear indicator that you may be better served elsewhere.

  1. They are a supplier, not a partner

Your MSP should not merely offer basic licensing and support. Instead, they should act as a strategic partner and advisor, guiding you in mapping out future services and solutions, enabling effective budgeting and long-term strategic planning. 

  1. They lack transparency

Transparency is crucial in any MSP-client relationship. Your SLA should clearly outline:

  • The services
  • Monthly charges
  • Agreement limitations
  • Customer service options

The last thing you want is a surprise invoice or bill! Moreover, If you don’t understand some of the technical jargon used in the contact, your MSP should attend to this matter and never force you to sign into a contract which you don’t understand.

  1. They don’t do their research

An effective MSP stays up-to-date with IT infrastructure and your company’s needs. Do you always find out the latest industry news, price increases and new offerings from your MSP?  They should be there to guide you on industry changes to make sure you can plan and budget your IT roadmap.

If you’re not receiving this support and advise, it might be time for a change.

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