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Cobweb has over 30 media and production customers, with one being the All3Media Group. 

All3media, is one of the UK’s largest independent TV production groups and the power behind some of the UK’s most popular TV programmes including Richard & Judy, Midsomer Murders, Formula 1, Fifth Gear and Hollyoaks. All3Media turned to Cobweb when looking for an outsourced IT solution to manage its communication and messaging requirements.

Transforming with Office 365 and Azure Media Services has seen improvements over five fey areas:

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With a unified email platform, collaboration is improved, allowing the Group IT to have central control.

Ability to track and restrict access to documents and files e.g. scripts manuscripts, production notes, and script updates. 

Reduction in the number of file storage devices and other cloud-based software needed, such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc. 

Improved compliance (including GDPR) due to analysis provision and enhanced data security.

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The retention of data on freelance/contractor departure, with the mailbox reactivated on return and historic email accessible.



For more information regarding the All3Media Group and how the solutions , please look at our All3Media Group CASE STUDY.

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