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Let's face it, everyone can work from home

Over the last few months, businesses have been forced to enable remote working and, while many have enjoyed working from home, some businesses have struggled and had to furlough staff as a result. Currently, 60% of the UK population are working from home and, as furloughed staff return to work from 1st November, their expectation is to join this remote workforce.

Employee expectations have changed. It’s clear that remote working is here to stay, and businesses need to prepare and adapt. Making sure that people are able to reach colleagues and clients at any given time is key — and we want to help.

Regardless of your current telephony set-up, you will be able to experience the benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

To prove it, we’re giving it away FREE for one month.*

Let's face it, everyone can work from home

Make and receive calls from anywhere

Stay connected to your desk, no matter where you are. Microsoft 365 Business Voice is the all-encompassing calling solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, where you can experience these benefits:

Work together

Call, chat and collaborate seamlessly in Microsoft Teams

Always available

Keep your business running from anywhere

Centralise control

Transfer, record and manage calls and voicemail easily

Built-in security

Stay compliant and protected on any device

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