Disaster Recovery Service

So you're back up and running as soon as possible
after a critical incident

Disaster Recovery


Every business requires a disaster recover strategy, defining the steps needed to get back up and running following a critical incident. Disaster recovery strategies are as individual as a business itself, and our team will:

Availability and disaster recovery needs


Work in partnership with you to plan and implement a disaster recovery solution based on your individual need.

Identity and Access Management


Provide comprehensive documentations and quarterly/annual tests so that your business can continue to operate in the event of a critical incident.

Why have a disaster recovery plan?


Customer expectation has never been higher and even a small interruption to, or reduction in, service can result in your customers looking elsewhere.


Disaster can come from:

Impersonation protect

Human error

compliance regulations
Hardware issues

Software issues
Software issues



Natural disaster
Natural disaster

Cobweb's Disaster Recovery Service


Our Disaster Recover Service has been created to support any business looking to create a new or update an existing disaster recover service - using our 20+ years' cloud experience, and working in partnership with you to ensure you have the strategy to meet your need, with a solution based on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

The service comprises four phases, during which we:




Gain a full understanding of your disaster recovery goals, including your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). 

Review your existing IT infrastructure.

Propose a detailed disaster recovery plan, to enable you to achieve your business goals.


Based on the output of the assess phase, we will:

Provide a comprehensive document, detailing your disaster recovery strategy.

Set up and deploy your disaster recovery software.

Ensure the environment is secure.

Complete a test failover.



During the optimise phase, we will: 

✔ Monitor and perform analysis to optimise your cloud spend and usage.

✔ Use security and management tools to govern, secure and monitor your cloud investment.


Cobweb's optional managed services include:

A quarterly or annual disaster recovery test and review of your plan.

Monitoring your cloud infrastructure.

Reactive support.

Proactive security management

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