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Keeping your data safe

Cloud Backup

Backup is the copying of data (systems, applications, and user-created content) to a second location, and which can be restored in the event of loss of the original data.


Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Cobweb's Cloud Backup solution will protect your data, applications and systems, by making regular copies, stored in a separate physical location, with recovery an easy, simple process.


Cobweb's Cloud Backup comprises two core solutions:



Cloud Backup for Azure workloads

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Cloud Backup for on-premises workloads

Protect your data from:

Human error

Human error

compliance regulations
Hardware issues/failure

Security threats

Software issues

Secure email gateway






Natural disaster


Natural disaster



Cobweb cloud backup for
Azure workloads


Integrated into Azure Virtual Machines (Azure VMs), Cloud Backup for Azure workloads can be switched on for both new and existing deployments of Azure VMs, with the whole VM and associated data protected. Backups are stored in the same region as the Azure VM and in a second hundreds of miles distance for geographic protection

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Cobweb cloud backup for
on-premises workloads


Protecting on-premises physical servers and VMs running on Hyper-VMware, cloud backup for on-premises workloads either integrates with an existing System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) platform or is deployed as a new Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS) to provide a disk-to-disk solution.

Cobweb Cloud Backup compromises four phases:



We will discuss your requirements and recommend the backup solution best for your individual need, with a cost estimate for different scenarios. 


Following deployment of a Recovery Services Vault in Azure - where your backup data will be securely stored - we will configure your solution as per the requirements identified in the Assess phase.


Once deployed, we engage with you to ensure your Cloud Backup solution is working for you, and that all workloads are correctly protected.



Cobweb's optional managed service includes:

 Monitoring backups to ensure they complete successfully

 Regular testing assistance so that you can be confident to know that your data is recoverable should you need to restore.  

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