Tally Around the World

On-the-go flexibility enabling Tally to access from anywhere at any time.

What is Tally Around the World?

It’s a total revolution for Tally users. This bundled and managed product converts a non-cloud Tally product to a robust, fully cloud-hosted Tally package. It’s delivered using Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) technology, the best virtual Windows experience, which sits on the powerful and super secure Microsoft Azure cloud.

Key features

The ability to access Tally from anywhere around the world harnesses a variety of features which include:

Cloud Power

Hosted by the super secure Microsoft Azure cloud computing service


Users access the cloud Tally service via a web browser from their existing computer from wherever they are.

Workplace Freedom

No longer restricted to installing Tally on a single, office-based PC

Flexibility & Efficiency

Accessible via any web browser from any device.


Remote Desktop Service license for each user accessing the Tally service.


Tally Around The World gives businesses the ‘on the go’ flexibility of securely hosting, storing data, and accessing their Tally software from anywhere at any time. It’s your best time-saver yet!

Safe & Affordable

The cost-effectiveness & safety of hosting Tally on the secure Azure cloud.

Remote Access

Facilitates access, data storage, and security from anywhere without territorial limitations.

24x7 Support

Backed by Cobweb’s unrivalled 24/7 support service

Safe Control

Governance & security remain under the business’ control.

Data Protection

Data is safeguarded with WVD encryption and Azure’s powerful data security.

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