Microsoft Power BI

Make your business more intelligent and see your data in completely new ways with Power BI.

Harness the power of your data with Power BI

Power BI is a suite of cloud-based business analytics tools that makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to visualise and analyse your business data.

Using dashboards, Power BI provides a 360-degree view that places all of your company’s important metrics in one place. With one click, users can explore vital data to find answers, share their discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive new ways.

Key features

Creating a dashboard in Power BI is simple using over 50 connections to popular business applications. Plus, you can access data and reports from anywhere on any device using Power BI Mobile apps, which update automatically as your data changes.

Power BI unifies all your data, whether in the cloud or on your own premises. Using the Power BI gateways, you can connect SQL Server databases, Analysis Services models, and many other data sources to your dashboards. Plus, if you already have reporting portals or applications, you can embed Power BI reports and dashboards for a unified experience.

Data aggregation

Combine data from disparate databases, files, and web services using visualisation tools, so you can understand and improve data quality and fix formatting issues automatically.

Creative reporting

Create stunning reports that communicate your message effectively, with more than 20 built-in visuals.

Data security

Publish reports securely to your employees and set up automated real-time data refreshes so everyone has the latest information.

Comprehensive integration

View simple out-of-the-box dashboards for CRM services, such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft's Dynamics 365.

Mobile intelligence

Make data-driven informed decisions on the go, on almost any Windows, iOS, or Android device.

Easy integration

Power BI has an open, standards-based API which allows for application or service integration with any REST-capable system.

Microsoft Power BI benefits

Power BI enables you to bring a mass of disparate data together in easy-to-understand visualisations to provide an overview of the business. It’s then easy to share reports with team members and collaborate on the data.

There’s no need to learn a new language with Power BI. It integrates easily with Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams, so the user interface elements will familiar to users.


Easy setup

Without steep build costs or extensive training, the financial benefits of implementing Power BI are immediate.

Business alignment

Deliver interactive reports and real-time dashboards to your users and embed them inside apps to provide a single overview.

Seamless controls

Power BI sets up access control through Active Directory, the same control panel you use for other Microsoft solutions.

Fast answers

Power BI captures the story behind the most recent data, and automatically alerts you to any changes.


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