Azure Identity and Access Management

A security service offered on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure for authenticating and authorising users, delivered by Cobweb.

Protecting your accounts from unauthorised access

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s central authentication platform for delivering security, identity, and access management across multiple devices. It supports applications implemented in the cloud and on your business premises.

Azure Identity & Access Management key features

With employees accessing sensitive data remotely, identity is important in the cloud. Azure’s Identity Access Management stores user identity in the cloud and uses to provide reliable, secure access control. With this service, only the right people will get to your data.

Advanced login methods

Don’t rely just on passwords. Use extra authentication to avoid account hijacking and other security attacks.

Strong integration

Azure IAM supports plenty of third-party cloud services so that you can integrate access controls across cloud your application portfolio.

Highly scalable

Identity and access management in the cloud scales to suit every need. Support a handful of small business users, or thousands of employees.

Identity and Access Management

The first step in securing your business within the cloud is protecting your users and systems with identity and access management (IAM). Discover the many different ways you can implement IAM, as well as the variety of solutions on offer a…


When moving to the cloud, ensuring the security of user identities, application access and sign-in capabilities for on-premises applications and public cloud services is critical.


Office 365 integration

Azure IAM’s single sign-on feature provides fast access to Office 365 workloads. Don’t worry about remembering long lists of usernames and passwords — employees can log in simply and easily.

On-site integration

You can synchronise your on-premises Active Directory implementations with the Azure directory, creating a seamless combination of cloud and on-site security.

Strong controls

Ensure that only authorised people get to see your data and applications with Azure Identity & Access Management comprehensive privilege management features.

Location independence

Azure customers can protect their users wherever they are by providing strong access controls for cloud applications, giving the same security on the road that you give in the office.

Identity & Access Management add-ons

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