Powering lower costs and delivering blockbuster customer engagement

CobwebCompleteChatbots is a cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered messaging solution built around the secure yet agile Microsoft Azure platform which is managed by the company’s own data-centres, two of which will open in the UAE next year.


Chatbots work by being the first port of call for the customer, reducing the layers of human involvement needed, speeding up response times and being constantly and tirelessly available. 
And because the chatbots we design are easily configurable across multiple channels and are based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform with in-built AI and Machine Learning, they ‘train’ as they go along.


They will pass difficult queries over to a human but listen in, absorb the answers, and store them up for next time – it is a chatbot with a brain and so becomes increasingly efficient the longer it’s in operation.

The Business Benefits:

For a business CobwebCompleteChatbots can:


  • Deliver lower costs through less reliance on human intervention

  • Deliver reliability through a service which never tires and is available round-the-clock

  • Improve customer satisfaction with natural language programming (NLP) allowing the bot to empathise with customer sentiment


  • Provide lightning speed response times to customer enquiries


  • Facilitate storage of essential data to inform marketing and business plans


  • Track promotions, identify additional sales and upselling opportunities


  • Give SMEs the chance to enhance customer engagement without resorting to a call centre


The Customer Benefits:

CobwebCompleteChatbots deliver significant benefits to customers. These include:

  • Less stress as there’s no more trawling through website FAQs with the answer being a mere question away

  • Round-the-clock service

  • Confidence in totally up-to-date information

  • Speedier service with no hold time, complex keypad automation to navigate or being passed from agent-to-agent
  • Choice of communicating with text, cards, or speech in any one of 23 languages, including Arabic

  • Chatting with a service which can empathise with their mood and sensitively adapt responses accordingly.



Chatbots have multi-sector appeal. Take healthcare, for instance. They can:


  Answer health plan enquiries

Help find providers

Easily handle disease prevention and management FAQs

Schedule appointments.


For service operators such as beauty salonshairdressers andrestaurants, the Chatbot can be your online reservation agent even serving up specific recommendations on dates, times and promo offers (more upselling opportunities!) to ensure the customer gets the best experience.