Acronis Backup Cloud

Don’t be caught off guard by hackers or physical disasters. Acronis Cloud Backup offers safe, secure and scalable backup for any data or any system. Recover your data quickly and easily.

Keep your data safe with the power of the cloud

Acronis Cloud Backup backs up your data from Office 365 to the Acronis Cloud, providing an extra layer of protection for your critical data. It protects you from accidental file deletion, malware, and ransomware, giving you complete peace of mind in the cloud.

Key features

Small and large businesses alike use Acronis Cloud Backup to protect their data from digital and physical disasters. Here’s how:

SaaS based

Acronis Cloud Backup is a simple SaaS solution with an easy setup process. There’s nothing to install and no hardware to buy.

Complete support

Acronis Backup can back up anything. Use it to back up Office 365, Windows, Linux, and Mac computers, virtual machines, servers, and even mobile phones.


Acronis ensures that your data is safe, with multi-level encryption and a deeper level of intelligent protection through the utilisation of AI-based anti-virus to protect against ransomware.

Third-party cloud integration

The Acronis Backup Gateway stores backups in the Acronis cloud infrastructure, third-party cloud environments, or alternative off-site storage to suit their compliance and risk requirements.

Multiple backup models

Acronis supports a range of backups from individual files through virtual machines to an entire operating system and its applications. Controls let you back up and restore emails, files, sites or attachments.


Microsoft provides some backup capabilities out of the box with Office 365, but Acronis offers more. This table shows you the difference.


Acronis Cloud Backup Plans

Cobweb offers a range of service options for backing up your data.

Office 365 Backup

Mailboxes, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business.


Complete User Backup

Office 365 Backup + backup for PC, Mac, IOS, and Android devices.


Complete Company Backup

Complete User Backup + Linux, Windows, and virtual servers.


Acronis Backup Cloud add-ons

Why not include Acronis Cloud Backup when purchasing other online services? Get complete peace of mind across your entire cloud portfolio.

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