Backup for a data-driven world

Safe, secure and scalable backup for any data or any system

Today, data is among a company's most valuable assets.

Backup should now be a fact of life, as it is insurance against data being lost or damaged due to systems failure, malware or ransomware, natural disaster, user error or any other set back. Yet, what companies need is a back-up solution that recovers data quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Backup means your data will be in a safe, secure, secondary location so that, if the worst happens, it ca be reinstated. Acronis is a secure solution that backs up any workload, directly from Office 365 to Acronis Cloud, and it's available in a variety of Cobweb bundles.

Acronis backup for Office 365

Data backed up by Acronis is protected with multi-level encryption, and granular capabilities that enable the backup and restoration of define data pieces (i.e. emails, files, sites, contacts, or attachments).


Ensure business continuity through fast data recovery for:

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Office 365

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Virtual machines

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Mobile phones

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Azure virtual machines

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Why Acronis Office 365 backup?

As standard, Microsoft backs up your data. Check the table below to see whether Microsoft provides the necessary backup for your business or whether an Acronis plan would suit you better.


Acronis Table




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Cobweb's Acronis Backup solutions?

Cobweb offers Acronis Office 365 Backup, and additional options for businesses wanting to extend backup to other areas.

Cobweb Acronis Office 365 Backup Plans


Mailbox Backup
Mailboxes only

Identity management

Office 365 Backup
Mailboxes, SharePoint Online,
OneDrive for Business

Additional Cobweb Acronis Backup Plans

Seamless sign on

Complete User Backup
Office 365 backup and backup for PC, Mac, mobile (iOS and Android), and tablets.

Password protection

Complete Company Backup
Complete User Backup and Linux Server, Windows Server, Virtual Server, with pricing based on storage used

identity management

PAYG Backup
A low commitment model, offering the same capabilities as Complete Company Backup with the flexibility to adapt to changing backup requirements

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