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Greater productivity and security in the cloud


 The GCC is scaling up its cloud adoption with a Microsoft survey revealing that two in every three Gulf enterprises plan to invest at least 5% of their annual revenue in digital transformation this year, with over half of them prioritizing cloud computing.


This cloud adoption will pick up further pace with this year's launch of Microsoft's data-centers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain, which will deliver greater latency, enhanced security and compliance — especially for government and semi-governmental organisations.


This increase comes as businesses, of all sizes, increasingly recognize the flexibility and agility of cloud-based solutions that deliver enhanced productivity and efficiency. There's also a greater understanding that being in the cloud does not mean compromising on security — just the opposite, in fact, the cloud provides improved safeguards.


Cloud solutions incorporate industry-leading security features and Cobweb can advise on additional solutions and services to support specific needs.


Cobweb can help safeguard your business, leaving you free to grow it.

Security is more than an add-on


 Think of security as insurance for your business. Just as you wouldn't put your car or home at risk without insurance, why risk it with your business?


A data-breach, or cyber attack, can happen to any business, regardless of size, and the impact can be massive. You could lose access to vital systems and disrupt productivity; with a high cost-tag involved, the end result could be damage to your reputation and the potential loss of customers.


The risk can be averted with efficient, cost-effective security solutions that cover email security, back-up and recovery, as well as user and device management.

How your business can become secure in the cloud

Mimecast Email Security

The cyberthreat defence against
phishing, ransomware and malicious attack

Azure Identity Management

Empowering the right users to access the right resources
for the right reason at the right time

Acronis Backup & Recovery

Ensuring data is safe and system access swiftly
if a problem occurs

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Safeguarding devices across business network including
servers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones

Microsoft 365

Improving productivity, efficiency, and security

Our Approach

The solutions to best secure your business will be individual to you. Cobweb can advise on the most appropriate, using our four key-stage programme:


1. Discover


We drill down in to your business to fully understand your specific needs.

cloud services

2. Assess


We review your existing IT infrastructure and applications to evaluate migration readiness and identify a suitable road map.

identity management

3. Implement


We help implement or migrate security solutions, supporting your in-house teams, or fully undertaking the implementation  ourselves, whichever works best for your business.


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How SMEs can secure their business in the cloud:
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