Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Introduction to Microsoft Teams
The amount of time spent collaborating on teamworking activities is now estimated to be 80 percent for the average worker - that's up 50 percent since the beginning of the century.

And this increase in teamworking has taken place as the workplace background is itself changing, with a move to flexible, mobile and remote working. 

Businesses today must ensure that their IT is able to support the growth of collaborative teamworking as well as overcome the challenges created by the requirements to support the move from 9-5, office-based working. 

Launched in 2017, Microsoft created within Office 365, Microsoft Teams to help meet these new communication, collaboration, and teamworking needs - and Teams is now the fastest growing Microsoft app ever, with a current figure of over 20 million active daily users.

Our eBook, Introduction to Microsoft Teams, looks at areas including:
  • Microsoft Teams' features - from chat, to calling, to file-sharing
  • Teams vs. standalone collaboration apps
  • Moving from Skype for Business Online (to be retired 2021) to Microsoft Teams.
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