Why optimize your infrastructure?

Boost reliability, flexibility, scalability and security while cutting costs
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Optimize your infrastructure


 It's an indisputable fact of business today — competitiveness is at a demand peak. In an era where price comparisons, online reviews and increasing product regulation can make the difference between success and failure, companies need to be as supple, flexible and cost-effective as the next, if not better. Digital transformation can achieve these essential attributes and consulting house PwC says advanced digitization in the Middle East is expected to reach 72% of companies by 2020. Yet, according to research and advisory company Gartner, less than a third of enterprises have a documented cloud strategy despite its role in achieving strategic goals and growth.


Further cloud uptake is anticipated with the planned opening on Microsoft data-centers in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai with a corresponding increase in the number of businesses moving on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Sharpen your competitive edge by optimizing your IT infrastructure you can be:

Increased Agility


Highly flexible

Safe & Secure


Safe and Secure

Lower Costs


More cost-effective

Moving IT infrastructure to the cloud can solve multiple challenges


 Check our risk list to see if you should move your on-premise infrastructure and applications to the cloud.

Limited storage capacity


Limited storage capacity

New compliance regulations


New compliance regulations

Soaring on-premise IT infrastructure costs


Soaring on-premise IT infrastructure costs

Need to be more agile to grow business


Need to be more agile to grow business

Complex availability and disaster recovery needs


Complex availability and disaster recovery needs

Aging or out-of-support legacy IT infrastructure


Aging or out-of-support legacy IT infrastructure

Let us help you move your on-premise IT services to the cloud leaving you to focus on business

How can we help optimize your infrastructure?

Infrastructure Modernization

Lift, shift and optimize

Database Modernization

Moving SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 to Microsoft Azure

Hosted Desktop

Access your desktop including files, business apps and emails from anywhere!

CobwebComplete for Azure Managed Services

The cloud platform for modern business IT solutions

The Cobweb Approach

We can advise on the best roadmap to modernize your infrastructure with our four-stage programme:


1. Assess


We get to know your business inside out, assess your existing infrastructure, identify an optimum IT roadmap, and propose a new cloud solution.

cloud services

2. Migrate


We'll use one of the following to move your infrastructure to the cloud:


Rehost: Lift and shift

✔ Refactor: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

✔ Replace: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

identity management

3. Optimise


Analysis and monitoring to manage cloud spend and use, and use of security and management tools to govern, secure and monitor your cloud investment.


4. Manage


Our optional managed services include ongoing monitoring, reactive support, security and patch management, and backup.