Why MENA must prioritize Security to safely realize its Remote working ambitions

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There’s news this week that more than half of working professionals in the Middle East and North Africa believe remote working will increase as the Covid-19 pandemic comes under control but can their expectations be safely delivered?

According to a survey by jobs site Bayt.com and market research company YouGov, only 16% of employees in the region believe workplaces will return to pre-pandemic norms. The survey was collated following interviews among 3,206 respondents from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq between August 18 and September 14 this year.

The survey found that most employees believed the 9-to-5 office-based workday is outdated with 70% admitting to being ‘out of practice’ with office life.

The flexibility now being sought by MENA workers mirrors that of employees around the world who came to the remote working trend after months of working from home.

Remote working – it’s great but is it safe?

Trend Micro – the multinational cyber security software company – gave us a bit of a reality check in its security roundup for H1 2021: Attacks from All Angles.

The roundup shows that in the UAE, Trend Micro solutions detected and blocked over 15 million (15,643,376) email threats, prevented over 13 million (13,493,892) malicious URL victim attacks, and over 116K (116,177) URL hosts. In addition, over 2 million (2,556,685) malware attacks were identified and stopped, while over 400 (456) online-related banking malware threats were blocked.

Ransomware was the standout H1 threat with cybercriminals using advanced persistent threat tools and techniques to hijack victims’ data. Home networks in the Emirates were a magnet for bad actors looking to penetrate corporate systems, devices, and networks. Trend Micro’s Smart Home Network (SHN) solutions blocked nearly 10 million (10,259,880) inbound and outbound attacks, preventing over 4 million (4,627,889) home devices from being infiltrated with malware, safeguarding sensitive information and communications.

The report clearly identifies a serious threat posture in the UAE meaning organizations, particularly those looking to leverage remote or hybrid workplaces, need to urgently re-assess their security stance to protect their own organizations and ensure a digitally secure environment for customers.

What Can Be Done?

First, UAE organizations must wake up to the fact that the threat is real and can happen to anyone – even them! Once that realization dawns, organizations need to follow up with security plans and action! It can all seem daunting particularly for those businesses and entities who may now have fully resourced in-house I.T. talent – but that doesn’t mean the issues should be buried in a drifting dune of hope versus reality.

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What Next:

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