Visio capabilities make for easy diagramming with Microsoft 365 – Let’s get visual at no extra cost!

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New remote and hybrid working models are prioritizing inter-office communication as never before and with it comes a renewed emphasis on visual processes to get messages across. Diagrams are often the go-to mode to explain new processes and procedures and Microsoft Visio, as a standalone app, achieved premier ranking among those wanting to visually communicate change.

And now Visio’s core capabilities have been transported into Microsoft 365 making diagramming resources available to all M365 commercial license subscribers at no extra cost!

This lightweight web app version offers core Visio functionalities that allow business users to create, edit, and share professional diagrams and design diagrams from data to make decisions quickly.

Diagramming Made Easy:

Creating a Visio diagram in Microsoft 365 is extremely easy. Simply go to Visio from Office Online, choose from the available templates or a blank canvas, and start diagramming! The Microsoft 365 web app offers a range of templates including basic flowcharts and process diagrams to get you started and you can even co-design with colleagues thanks to rich collaboration features.

Diagram Collaboration:

Seamless integration of the Visio web app in Microsoft 365 with other Microsoft solutions, including Teams, enables a collaborative diagramming experience. You can even open Visio diagrams directly in Teams and create visuals to brainstorm with colleagues. Once created, a professional-looking Visio diagram can easily be added as a JPEG or PNG file in Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

Data Diagrams Make For Swift Decision Making:

You can also use Visio in Excel to visualize a large data volume and get quick insights.

So, what are you waiting for?

With core Visio capabilities now in Microsoft 365, you have a powerful tool that you, your colleagues, and your teams can use to easily create powerful visuals.

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