The Remote Workplace is here – But is yours safe?

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Make yours a collaborative, secure workplace with a best of breed package

Interoffice collaboration has risen up workplace agendas as organizations navigate the Covid induced era of sustained remote and hybrid workplaces. A recent Hays Recruitment survey in the GCC  suggests up to two-thirds of companies are ready to adopt long-term hybrid working models with staff looking for employers to mix days at the office with remote working. Of the companies surveyed, 69% are now offering remote work options, compared with only 43% prior to the pandemic.

Most businesses recognize the power of collaboration for brainstorming, innovation, unlocking employee potential, enhancing corporate cultures, and boosting productivity and there has been no shortage of virtual collaborative tools to turn to for remote working.

Recognize the benefits & the risks:

Yet while a remote workforce delivers numerous benefits for employers and employees alike, it also comes with inherent security risks as staff rely on home networks and often their own mobile devices to progress their workloads and turn to your I.T. teams to address technical issues increasing the pressure on the inhouse I.T. resource.

The recent market research report from Smart Tech-consultants Velocity shows that 70% of remote workers experienced IT problems during the pandemic with more than half – 54% – waiting up to three hours of lost productivity time for remedial aid.

Other risks include heightened vulnerability to cyber-attacks which can lead to crippling data breaches. Many employees use personal devices for two-factor authentication and have mobile app versions of Microsoft Teams and Zoom increasing the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Adopt a unified approach to Secure Collaboration:

Yet the risks, of which there are many, should not prevent essential collaboration. And now with Cobweb Complete Collaboration – a managed, competitively-priced subscription package for all who value collaboration and security – businesses can collaborate safely and worldwide and release their in-house I.T. team from potential overload!

Best of Bundle:

Cobweb Complete Collaboration has bundled best-of-breed solutions from the biggest names in the business into a single package which will enable you to securely harness the full power of remote collaboration and working. You don’t have to negotiate with individual vendors – you get the best product rolled into one package and pay a single monthly invoice. It couldn’t be easier!

It includes:
  • M365 Business Standard: comprising premium Microsoft Office apps including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher & Access (PC only) as well as secure cloud services Teams, Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
  • Cobweb’s 24/7 ‘Lean on Us’ IT & Cloud Gold Support: Our technical experts and certified cloud specialists are available to you round-the-clock, to keep you secure and fully operational.
  • Exclaimer Signature Manager: Delivering brand consistency to all emails sent from your business via its professional email signature template.
  • Mimecast Security – S1: Guaranteed to keep your data safe and protect you from spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, impersonation attempts, phishing attacks, and data leaks.
  • Endpoint Security Management: Keeping your network endpoints or individual network access devices, safe.
Smooth Operations:

And you don’t have to worry about any downtime associated with the package as it has a host of features that will ensure smooth operations, including:

  • Product Setup & Branding: Including user license procurement, users and groups creation, logo, and backdrop branding of office portal.
  • Tenant-Wide Setup: Covers security and password policy setup.
  • Exchange Online Setup: Includes base level Mobile device policy, mailbox auditing, Threat Management, and Calendar best practices.
  • Multi-factor Authentication of Administrator accounts.
  • Block Legacy Authentication for POP, SMTP, IMAP, and MAPI clients
  • Mimecast or Trend Micro Anti-virus & Anti-spam Policy
  • Configuration of Two Business Specific Email Signatures
  • Configuration of Signature Disclaimer Policies
  • Configuration of Designating Multiple Global Admins
  • Real-time Endpoint Scanning
  • Configuration of Permitted Sender Policies
  • Mimecast or Trend Micro Web Filtering
  • Endpoint Web Reputation & URL Filtering
  • Self-service Password Reset
  • Microsoft Teams Standard Setup
What Next:

Don’t give up on collaboration for fear of cyber threats – get both covered with Cobweb Complete Collaboration. Contact us now for more details and a free specialist consultation. To learn more, please contact us now at +97144272420 or email: