Microsoft 365 updates announced at Ignite 2019

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On November 4th, at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida, Microsoft announced six innovations to Microsoft 365, aimed at helping users complete their work as efficiently and effectively as possible by putting them at the centre of operations. The six areas that saw development include knowledge, management, security, productivity, compliance and workflow. Below we explore these innovations in more detail…


With AI technology, Microsoft 365 will now to able to provide knowledge for your organisation, delivering essential information when it's needed. This will be achieved by having a more advanced search tool and Project Cortex, which creates an information network and automatically organises data into relevant sections.


The latest Microsoft 365 innovations utilise AI and the Cloud to help businesses and individuals manage, monitor and set-up multiple devices. From Microsoft endpoint manager, which manages all endpoints in your tech network to Microsoft productivity score, which monitors employee and technology experiences, management processes are set to be more streamlined than ever.


New updates to security ensure employees can collaborate freely without compromising your company's assets. For example, Microsoft Authenticator will eliminate poor passwords and make passwordless access to apps even more strong and safe.


Microsoft Teams has been updated with multiple new features to enhance productivity such as multiwindow chats, task integration and private channels. Microsoft Office will also now be available in an improved app, combining PowerPoint, Excel and Word into one application.


Compliance requirements are ever-changing and new Microsoft 365 innovations use AI technology to ensure you can stay ahead of compliance updates. Microsoft Compliance Score, which is being publically previewed, allows data protection controls to be monitored and assessed easily and in real-time.


Microsoft 365 aims to improve business workflow by integrating Power Platform with Microsoft Teams, ensuring tools can be found and used more easily. Office Scripts will also now automate repetitive tasks, ensuring workers can achieve more by working less.


Another innovation from Microsoft 365 is the transformation of their personal productivity assistant, Cortana. Cortana's AI-powered experience will now be available in Outlook mobile, the assistant will help users stay organised and productive by reading out emails and voicing changes to schedules, so users can enjoy hands-free operation.

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