Microsoft 365 | September 2019 updates

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With Microsoft 365 bringing together the best of productivity, collaboration and security into one intelligence solution, each month Microsoft launch a new round of updates to ensure that Microsoft 365 is the best business solution out there. Microsoft has launched new Office web updates and enhancements to help you work more productively with all the flexibility and mobility needed in business today. Join us as we break down the latest updates:

For presentations with impact

Inking in Powerpoint for the Web will help you create presentations with a punch. You can annotate in real-time and interact naturally because you’ll no longer need a laser pointer to highlight key information. Inking in Slide Show has also been improved across all platforms. You can now effectively animate process flows and diagrams—with the new Ink Replay in Slide Show feature. Ink appears, step by step, to create impactful animations.

Ink Replay animations on PowerPoint for Windows and Mac, as well as annotating with a digital pen in Slide Show on PowerPoint for the web, are available for Office Insiders and rolling out now. Additional Inking in Office for the web support will be coming soon.

Speak up and wow with presenter coach

Presentation nerves will fade with Presenter Coach in PowerPoint for the web, currently only available in English and in public preview. This upgrade leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to transform users into effective presenters.

Simply enter rehearsal mode and speak into a microphone and Presenter Coach will give you real-time, on-screen feedback – on pacing, using inclusive language, avoiding word duplication – to improve your performance. With the rehearsal over, you’ll get a report highlighting the areas needing more work. Go on try it and wow them!

Better brainstorming with new desktop Microsoft Whiteboard templates

New Microsoft Whiteboard templates will help you collaborate more effectively with KANBAN sprint planning, SWOT analysis, project planning, learning, and more. You get pre-created layouts —with helpful tips for running activities—which you can expand to fit all your content.

Microsoft Whiteboard templates are in public preview for Windows 10 and rolling out to iOS. To add templates, click or tap the toolbar’s Insert button.

Seeing is believing

You can now really bring your ideas to life with new 3D models and lesson plans in Office for desktop. 3D in Office lets users easily communicate their ideas by inserting their own 3D models or selecting one from Microsoft’s content library which now boasts 23 education-based 3D models and 10 lesson plans on topics, including geology, biology, and space.

The new 3D models and lesson plans are now generally available to Office 365 subscribers in Windows.