How to manage your Azure cloud usage and spend at no extra cost?

Neetika Rana
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Azure Plan put you firmly in control

The powerful, super secure and Microsoft Azure cloud continues to deliver endless business advantages to clients including super security, I.T. infrastructure cost efficiencies, safe data storage, and fast access, on a pay-as-you-use monthly package fee. Yet many users are unaware of how to optimise usage of this ready-to-use cloud server and find it difficult to understand their bills.

That can now all be a thing of the past with the new Azure Plan solution which existing clients can migrate to free-of-charge, and new clients can opt for from the get-go. There are no extra costs as Azure Plan can be included in your monthly Azure subscription. 

What is Azure Plan?

It is a tool for cost & usage control. With a full set of cost management capabilities, it lets you easily keep track of your spending against your set budget by enabling you to optimise the value of your cloud usage and get keen insights for better budgeting and operational planning.

Azure Plan includes

  • A customised dashboard view of your monthly Azure usage and spend.
  • Predictions on your future Azure spend for better planning.
  • Identification of your usage trigger points to aid budgeting.
  • An overview of usage spikes and recommendations for cost optimisation.
  • Insights into unused or idle time allocations which could prompt a package downgrade saving you money.
  • Always-on monitoring an best-in-class data latency performance.

It is great if you want

  • Tighter control of your cloud usage.
  • Increased usage insights for better operational & financial planning.
  • A better understanding of your monthly Azure bill.
  • Optimized value of your cloud consumption.
  • Capabilities customized to your needs.
  • Unmatched security and compliance to keep your data safe and always accessible.

The benefits

  • Understand your Azure usage and how costs are allocated.
  • Gain rich usage insights to make a better-informed planning decision.
  • Discover your usage trigger points to aid budgeting.
  • Unearth unused allocation which could prompt a package downgrade saving you money.
  • You profit from Microsoft’s $1bn plus annual IT security investment.
  • Backed by Cobweb’s 24/7 support assurance

Why Cobweb

Because of its unrivalled cloud expertise. Cobweb is one of the largest cloud solutions providers in Europe and the MENA region operating within the cloud for almost 25 years. Over the past two decades, Cobweb has helped businesses achieve corporate transformation objectives and maintain a competitive edge through the deployment of best-of-breed cloud technologies. Cobweb doesn’t just sell licenses; it provides a professional advisory and outsourced service designed to address individual customer requirements.

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