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AI is now vital to combatting evolving cyberattacks 

We all know by now cyber attacks via email are increasing and becoming increasingly sophisticated putting sensitive business data at risk and making companies vulnerable to financial and reputational loss. Mimecast, the expert in email security, has long held that email is now the main gateway for cybercriminals and data breaches, and it has been working tirelessly to address the challenge of keeping ahead of the threats.

The Scale of the Threat:

Mimecast’s State of Email Security Report 2021, records that 45% of UAE organizations experienced a rise in cyberattack sophistication while 41% reported an increase in attack volumes.

The Covid-19 pandemic with more people working from home often with unsecured personal devices and networks increased the threat. Mimecast’s research reports that most organizations are grappling with securing a hybrid workforce – partly working from home and partly in an office. This has prompted the UAE Banks Federation, the Central Bank of the UAE, Abu Dhabi Police, and Dubai Police to launch the country’s first national fraud awareness campaign to educate and protect consumers from financial cybercrime and fraud.

Mimecast now says AI is needed in the defense armory and it has launched an AI-enabled solution – CyberGraph – to help detect sophisticated phishing and impersonation attacks.

How CyberGraph works:

CyberGraph is an identity graph that stores information about relationships between all email senders and recipients. The graph detects any anomalies and its machine learning abilities alert employees to potential threats enabling users to stay ahead of the threat.

CyberGraph has three key capabilities:

Tracker blocker: As they recce an attack, criminals embed ‘trackers’ into emails that communicate with an illegitimate remote server, disclosing valuable information that can be used to create a targeted social engineering attack. CyberGraph blocks the trackers, hides the recipient’s location, and prevents email content engagement.

Machine learning @work: CyberGraph’s machine learning protects against targeted email.

Early warning: Users are alerted at the point of risk with color-coded banners that warn of the potential nature of a threat. Users can easily see whether an email is safe or suspect.

The Right mix: Mimecast believes that artificial intelligence as a combat solution is here to stay but that cybercriminals will also leverage it in the ever-constant threat battle so advises organizations to adopt multi-pronged security strategies of human awareness and advanced technology to remain safe.

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