Digital Security concerns rise up UAE’s 2021 business agendas

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A new report from email security experts Mimecast sheds light on growing concerns among UAE businesses about the state of their own digital security with 75% anticipating an email-borne cyberattack sometime this year, which is up 15% on last year.

The report comes in the light of 70% of businesses saying the volume of emails their organisations send and receive has increased on 2020.

Respondents qualified their biggest email security concerns for 2021 as:
  • 42% concerned about the increasing sophistication of attacks.
  • 41% concerned over the increasing volume of attacks.
  • 50% worry over employee naivety over email security, which is 7% higher than the national average.

These concerns are well-founded as the Mimecast report demonstrates that email remains the main avenue for cyber criminals to penetrate an organisation’s digital infrastructure with much of it due to failure to have an efficient security strategy in place, the increasing sophistication of attacks, and lack of employee awareness of email security.

UAE businesses have admitted that in the post-COVID security landscape cyberattacks are on the increase recording double-digit growth across:
  • Phishing, malicious communications, or attachments.
  • Impersonation fraud or business email compromise attacks.
  • Fraudulent use of their brand via spoofed email.
  • Internal threats or data leaks through misuse of their brand via spoofed websites
Ransomware: The biggest threat of all

Ransomware – the malware that threatens to publish a victim’s data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid – is proving the daddy of all threats with 78% of UAE companies surveyed saying they had been hit by a ransomware attack this year – a massive 66% increase on last year. While 43% of those hit paid the ransom, only half of them got their data back and on average those impacted lost 6 days in downtime while for 29% downtime lasted a week or more.

Are you well prepared?

The sad fact is that many organisations in the UAE are by their very own admission still lacking solid digital security. In the Mimecast survey 86% of those surveyed admitted they had been hurt by a cyberattack due to their own lack of preparedness. Only 23% of the responders have a cyber resilience strategy in place, only half had any safeguards in place and 22% had no email security system at all.

How to be better prepared?

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