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Huge data volumes relegate traditional back-up and security solutions

The Middle East & Africa may be playing cloud computing catch up – but it’s catching up fast. Khalid Al Rumaihi, Board Member of the Bahrain Economic Development Board, says MEA is experiencing higher cloud computing traffic expansion than any other market with a 35% CAGR to continue until 2021 end. These huge data flows are good for business, and data is now a critical success metric.

Al Rumaihi summed up data’s vital role in attaining development goals at a recent World Economic Forum meeting.

“Data - ethically collected and maintained, secured and anonymized - represents the essential compass needle that can reorient our region’s digital aspirations and unlock harmonized economic potential,” he said.

So, data deserves the utmost respect and safeguarding it, and the applications and systems that rely on it, is vital. Yet the enormity of data volumes and the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks mean traditional back-up and security solutions are now irrelevant.

Enter cyber protection. According to Acronis, which develops on-premise and cloud software for backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share and data access, it’s the new I.T. discipline. Acronis should know. It offers the best of data protection with innovative approaches to cybersecurity, while incorporating technologies that ensure data privacy and authenticity.

Acronis says there are five cyber protection metrics:

  • Safety - creating a reliable backup of your data, apps and systems and storage so it's available when you need it.
  • Accessibility - make data easily available from anywhere at any time.
  • Privacy - be in control of who has visilbility and access to your data.
  • Authenticity - have undeniable proof a copy is an exact replica of the original data.
  • Security - protect your data, apps and systems against malicious threats. Ensure an integrated defence against all online threats, including new strains that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities.

Why you need Acronis Cyber Protection now

Almost every aspect of business today is driven by data and your reliance on digital assets will only increase. Ensure competitive survival with solutions that address all five cyber protection metrics:

  • Cost control - you can control your data protection costs no matter how much data you have through the transparent Acronis licensing model
  • Security - Acronis stops data from being corrupted, encrypted or altered without authorization through integrated AI-based anti-malware defence, encryption, and secure backup storage.
  • Reliability - for over 15 years and in more than 100 data centres, Acronis solutions are proven to protect and quickly restore data whatever happens.
  • Full control - With Acronis you get complete protection including access to data, storage locations, file authenticity and you’re always regulatory compliant.
  • Easy to use - Acronis’ intuitive, touch-friendly interface delivers a smooth, efficient user experience, so you can manage your protection while freeing-up valuable IT resources.

How do you get #CyberFit?

Don’t leave data until later. Cobweb has the full low-down on Acronis cyber protect and back up solutions for pro-active, active and reactive cover. Speak to a member of the team today and ensure you're in shape for the new year.

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