Wicked! Cobweb MENA achieved Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization

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Here at Cobweb MENA, we’re super excited to share the news that, after a stringent third-party audit during which we had to demonstrate our performance and knowledge, we have now achieved Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization. While it’s another feature in our expertise cap, we realize you are more interested in what it could mean for you and your business.


This certification validates our advanced Windows Virtual Desktop expertise, including deployment, optimization, and securing virtual desktop infrastructure on Microsoft’s powerful Azure cloud computing service. This means we are fully prepared to meet our clients’ needs as they continue to evolve their remote work approach and that you can rest assured you are in very experienced hands and with people who are interested in helping you reap the benefits of remote working, not just selling you licenses.

What Exactly Is Windows Virtual Desktop?

It’s a cost-effective, secure remote desktop and app virtualization service that runs in the cloud and delivers the best virtual Windows and Office experience yet. It enables secure remote working by providing a full Windows 10 desktop experience, along with the required business applications with complete flexibility. It bolts onto your existing IT infrastructure so you can create virtual desktops for your specified users allowing them to securely access data and applications stored on in-house servers or in the cloud on their preferred devices and from anywhere. Better still you have governance and security completely in your control, so your sensitive data is secured.

Here Are Some of the Benefits:
  • Your data is safe on internal IT systems
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides additional access security
  • Works alongside Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Teams
  • Provides access to the always up-to-date Windows 10 user experience from any device
  • Enables complete access control for security and cost-efficiency
  • Deploys and scales in minutes
  • Allows user and security management via a unified Active Directory
  • Is fully integrated with Microsoft 365’s security & management
Why You Consider Leveraging Our New Accredited Capability:

Because remote working is ever more relevant globally and right here in the UAE in the post-pandemic era. A recent survey ‘Decoding global ways of working by the Boston Consulting Group and Bayt.com shows a majority (86%) of professional respondents across various sectors in the Emirates prefer virtual working environments to remain in the post-pandemic era. That’s not far short of the global average of 89%.

Those results show just how far things have changed. In 2019, before Covid-19, the UAE had one of the world’s lowest remote work participation rates according to a survey by the International Workplace Group. Back then, only 10% of workers in the Emirates reported working from home one to two days per week, compared to a global average of 62%.  Now the UAE is the leading country in the Middle East for remote working with Dubai embracing the concept so much that it has even introduced a Remote Working Visa to encourage workers in other countries to relocate to the emirate and work virtually from there.

The ability to work remotely either full or part-time will increasingly be a deal-breaker when attracting talent to your workplace.

What Next:

If you want to optimize the remote working abilities and reap all the efficiency gains of Windows Virtual Desktop, you can turn to Cobweb MENA safe in the knowledge that Microsoft has acknowledged our advanced expertise in the service. Better yet, by turning to us, you can get unrivaled 24*7 support with our optional managed service.

To explore the possibilities, contact us now at +97144272420 or email: sales.uae@cobweb.com.