Cobweb Cloud Server for SMEs: what you need to know

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Cobweb frees SMEs from cloud cost fears

Though SMEs have the flexibility to be more agile and quickly embrace innovation, the sector appears, surprisingly, to have lagged when it comes to adopting cloud-based computing. Evidence of this has come in a report from the small business advisory Close Brothers which points out that in the UK alone, 58% of SMEs do not use cloud-based computing for software, storage or other remote services with a third not using hosting technology at all.

Reasons for the reluctance to champion cloud technologies varied from data trust issues with 16% fearing the cost.

Yet SMEs could be among the most likely to benefit from cloud technology. Trust issues in the UAE have been eased with last year’s opening of the Microsoft data centers in Dubai and Abu dhabi ensuring data is stored within the country. And now the Cobweb Cloud Server has addressed the SME dilemma by offering a solution which comes at a fixed price for a fixed specification meaning the small business can budget better and no there will be no nasty unexpected expenses to pick up at the end of the month.

The first step towards digital transformation

In effect, this breakthrough product represents a great first, affordable step for an SME to launch a cloud journey and gain access to the super-security of Microsoft’s powerful Azure cloud platform in seconds!

And, because we know that SMEs come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of needs, we’ve produced three different monthly subscription packages to choose from – Foundation, Standard & Advanced – with pricing from as little as around the US $65 a month.

The rationale

There are a host of reasons why SMEs should opt for the Cobweb Cloud Server. It is, for instance, ideal for those wanting to move an out-dated or inflexible physical server to the cloud or looking to build new applications. It’s also excellent for migrating away from on-premise servers running on Windows 2008R2 which is now out of service; for hosting smaller websites and business software as well as running project test environments.

In short, the benefits of Cobweb’s Cloud Server far outweigh the cost giving SMEs an unbeatable entry into cloud computing with all the heightened security of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s UAE datacentres at a palatable price point. What’s not to like?

Here’s how SMEs benefit:

✔ Migration takes only minutes

✔ Each package includes data transfer and a static IP address

✔ Hosting in UAE datacentres ensures secure, compliant data storage

✔ They have swift, remote access to their data

✔ They can scale their package requirements up or down in line with business needs

✔ They pay a fixed monthly fee with no hidden surprises

✔ They are free from physical server maintenance costs or upgrade requirements

✔ They will be backed by Cobweb’s 24/7 support assurance

What next?

These are tough business times for many who will need the cloud’s productivity and cost-efficiency power behind them. Isn’t it time that you began your cloud transformation journey?

Call us now to discover more about the Cobweb Cloud Server solution that does deliver complete peace of mind- leaving you to focus on building your business. Contact us by email- or +971-4-427-2420.

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