Azure Synapse Analytics can unlock your business potential

Neetika Rana
Categories: Optimise your Infrastructure
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In today’s age of self-service and data science, data is key to business growth and profitability yet all too often organizations are hampered by siloed analytic systems that limit overall insights and fail to provide an end-to-end solution. Worse still the fractured inputs mean vital data is at risk.

And in today’s economy, data literacy and the ability to communicate with data are critical skills. To stay relevant, you need to keep abreast of evolving solutions and tools and bring IT and business together with self-service analytic tools. While analytics and AI are the prime investment of today’s business some 80% of them report struggling to become mature data users and 55% report data silos and data management difficulties.

Microsoft Azure Synapse is an integrated analytics service that accelerates time to insight from all data at any scale, across data warehouses and big data analytics systems. It provides a single-source solution that will secure your data and give you limitless freedom to query data on your terms.

Becoming data-driven:

Today all businesses are data businesses. Data is the lifeblood of modern trade; it makes businesses profitable yet securing data is vital. And while today’s businesses are data-driven, they also need to be analytic businesses because, without analytics, data is a cumbersome cost centre, not a growth generating resource.

With secure and smart data analytics you can:

  • Empower employees with intelligent insights.
  • Identify consumer & trade patterns that would otherwise slip through the net.

Rise to the challenge:

Azure can meet today’s business challenges with a single source provision of intelligent analytics which securely provides data warehousing and big data analytics together. And Azure Synapse can’t be beaten as a single source solution being 14 times faster and 94% less costly than any other cloud provider.

  • It brings data warehousing and big data analytics together in one service
  • Makes analytics faster, easier, and more insightful
  • Delivers proven security, airtight privacy, and dependable performance
  • Is easy to use, faster to explore, and quick to start

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