Avoid price hikes and get your Microsoft 365 fees pegged

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Discover our offer you’d do well not to refuse

Microsoft is changing the way it works with partners, like Cobweb and it could mean price rises of between 9% and 25% on six of its most popular Microsoft 365 solutions.

Microsoft’s ‘New Commerce Experience Per Seat’ working approach will mean that subscribers who renew after March 1, 2022, will see fees for Microsoft 365 Business Basic shoot up by 20%, Microsoft 365 Business Premium by 10%, and Microsoft 365 E3 by 12.5%. Office subscriptions will go up by between 9% and 25% depending on which version you use.

But Cobweb’s come up with a solution that will help you escape the price hikes and keep your Microsoft 365 costs as they are. Our clients can now renew their subscriptions early – that’s before the end of February next year – and the even better news is that we can maintain existing prices for up to a year!

Even if your subscription is up for renewal before the end of next February, we commit to managing your Microsoft 365 subscriptions up to February 2023 and to peg the prices until the next renewal cycle. It’s an offer you’d be hard pushed to refuse!

Keeping things Flexible:

Microsoft’s new way of working also means you would no longer have the flexibility to reduce your subscription user numbers mid-term. So, you need to urgently look at a new monthly-term subscription or a mix of annual and monthly-term subscriptions to controls costs. Because although this new monthly-term subscription is 20% more expensive than annual subscriptions, you will have the flexibility of canceling it whenever you want at no extra cost which a great benefit if you’re dependent on a variable workforce, with employment levels going up and down to cater to staff vacations, peak business periods and the like. In the end, the monthly-annual-term mix could work out cheaper.

Act Now!

You may find this all a bit confusing, we understand, but our Cobweb experts are here to help. If you would like to find out how these changes impact you and get some advice on what you can do to avoid or limit them, just call our specialists now for help, contact us now!