Tricent Webinar - Cobweb MENA

Security, Compliance, and Automation within Microsoft 365

Unlock the Future of Compliance Automation in File Sharing.

Did you know?

58% of sensitive data in the cloud — including business plans, medical records, and financial forecasts — stored in Excel, Word, pdfs, and Google docs. (Gartner Study).

Data governance is a balancing act. You need to meet high security & compliance standards. All this while driving business through external collaboration. So, what is the best way forward? 

Security, Compliance and Automation will form the backbone of organizations looking to keep their operations secure. We’ll show you how in our exclusive webinar with Tricent, creators of 'THE file sharing governance' solution.

You’ll learn about:

🔄 Working together collaboratively,

👉 Boosting organizations's complaince

🌟Best Practices for Secure External File Sharing

And You’ll Discover How Tricent Delivers:

🌟 End-User Driven Compliance: Receive email alerts about expired file sharing expirations.

🔄 Automated Unsharing: Enjoy uninterrupted service that works in the background keeping data safe and secure.

📈 File Sharing Overviews: Monitor file sharing activities and understand your most frequent collaborators.

📊 Activity Log and History: Access your file sharing history, undo changes, and easily reshare files.

🔍 Shared File Search: Easily locate shared files by name, type, or extension.

🧰 One-Click Sharing Mitigation: Review shared files directly from email notifications.

🛡️ Safe Listing: Extend file sharing beyond default settings by creating exceptions and setting up Organizational Unit/group-based policies.

🌐 Native SaaS: Tricent is fully cloud-based software for seamless accessibility and scalability.

Security Expert, Jan Christensen Gave us The Full Low Down On File Sharing Management, Secure External Sharing & Compliance Automation

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The Speaker

Jan Christensen is a UX & Onboarding Specialist at Tricent. He has been working with user adoption and usability design within IT over the past 15 years. He has a background in communications, translations and copywriting. In this webinar, Jan will take the audience through processes in fostering effective collaboration to usher in a culture of secure external sharing.