KnowBe4 Webinar - Cobweb MENA

How to Cyber Secure your Business with a Human Firewall

Cybersecurity is now the No:1 business threat! A 2023 State of Email Security Report reveals:

  • Data theft and phishing account for 70-90% of all cybersecurity breaches.
  • Almost two-thirds of businesses say cyberattacks are growing increasingly sophisticated.
  • 97% of respondents have been targeted by email-based phishing attacks.

Today C-suite believes data breaches & ransomware attacks are a greater business risk than inflation. So, how can you defend yourself? Build a human firewall!

Our exclusive KnowBe4 webinar showcased ‘How To Build The Firewall’ with new-age awareness training and security culture shifts. KnowBe4 ( – the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training – is now in the MENA region through an exclusive Cobweb managed service.

In the webinar, KnowBe4 cybersecurity expert Dr. Martin J. Kraemer, who has over a decade of experience in human-centered cybersecurity, spoke about:

  • The real danger cybercrime poses to your business
  • How cybercriminals work and why employees are their main targets
  • Why and how you should train your staff.

We hope watching the recorded event helped in opening a pathway to build a secure business environment. To know more about Knowbe4 and being cyber secure, fill in your details now.


Speaker: Dr. Martin J. Kraemer

Dr. Kraemer is a security awareness advocate with over 10 years of industry and research experience. He holds a doctorate in cybersecurity from the University of Oxford. Martin advocates for organizations to build resilient cybersecurity postures by empowering their employees. He speaks on topics related to security awareness and privacy behavior.