Azure Security Workshop - Cobweb MENA

Azure Security Workshop to Discover How To Be Super Secure On The Cloud

Security is one of the prime reasons to migrate to Microsoft’s super secure Azure cloud. Azure’s wide array of tools and capabilities help create secure solutions which deliver confidentiality, integrity, and customer data availability, while enabling transparent accountability.

Just who is responsible for managing the security of your application or service depends on your cloud service model. Azure platform capabilities can help you meet these responsibilities through built-in features, and through partner solutions that can be deployed in an Azure subscription.

Our exclusive workshop at 3pm GST on September 6th focused on:

  • Azure IP
  • Data Governance
  • Defender
  • Sentinel
  • Securing a Multi-cloud Environment

You can view the recorded event above & let us know your thoughts. We hope this workshop shines the spotlight on Azure’s configurable security options and control capabilities. To help you customize security to meet your company’s unique deployment requirements, reach out to us at or +971 4-455-3100.

The Speaker

With 19 years of dedicated experience in the infrastructure & security domain, Nitin Kansara is a dedicated Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect at Cobweb. Throughout his career, he has exhibited an exceptional mastery over core infrastructure aspects, which has allowed him to successfully lead and execute a myriad of projects spanning Microsoft Security, Endpoint Solutions, BCDR, Modern Workspace, Compliance, Cost optimization, and Automation. Nitin’s tenure in this ever-evolving landscape has equipped him with profound insights and expertise that consistently drive innovation and excellence.