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Roaring into intelligent on-premise & hybrid cloud data management

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Tiger Bridge delivers the right data in the right place at the right cost.

Our new Tiger Technology partnership means you can now store, protect, & manage your critical data with the advanced Tiger Bridge solution. This connects your locally stored data with cloud/tape/disk storage while preserving its original format. Thus, making it ideal for organizations with intense data loads. This software-only solution can be installed and configurated in minutes with no additional hardware or virtual appliances required. What’s more your workflow won’t be disrupted as Tiger Bridge integrates at the level of your file system and/or network share. While your team works, policies operate transparently in the background to replicate your data to your storage of choice. You can also optimize your hardware investment through storage extension to the cloud based on a pay-as-you-go model.

Tiger Bridge is the solution for the ‘Data Is King’ era. Its key features include:

  • Intelligent Tiering​ to Cloud/Tape/Disk: Automatically assign data to the right storage tier based on size and use frequency.
  • Multi-cloud Deployments​: Is compatible with all major cloud providers -including Microsoft Azure – and supports multi-cloud scenarios.
  • Provides Data Access Control​​: Preserves Active Directory permissions and file attributes so you control user access.
  • Reduces Cloud Traffic Spend: Retrieves only the data you need from the cloud to significantly reduce exit and data transfer costs.
  • Cloud AI Workflows​​​: Integrates data processed by cloud services, such as object, speech, or facial recognition, into your legacy workflows by connecting on-prem block and cloud blob storage.

Caters to organizations of any size and scale​​:

  • SMEs can choose from flexible and affordable pay-as-you-go ​data management plans with no minimum commitment required.
  • Organizations managing enterprise data get​ advanced data analytics, custom data management plans, and versatile pricing for measurable ROI with set budgets.

Future proofed: Keeps and retrieves data intact and it is future-proof for use with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning tools.

What next?

Data is now the lifeblood for efficient, sustainable organizations. Tiger Bridge enables you to manage the increasing complex data storage landscape. To discover more, call us now on +97144553100 or email: