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Does your business rely on heavy data processing? Let AI take the strain

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Discover how Azure Form Recognizer can save you Time, Money & Hassle

Businesses with heavy data flows are often weighed down with the need to manually input lengthy contract details which can delay implementations and leave them exposed to human error – causing further delays which can be costly.

But now these organizations can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to speed up the process, lift the humdrum from data input staff and get contracts implemented faster, giving them more time to secure business. The answer is Microsoft’s Azure Forum Recognizer which can be tailored to individual business needs.

What is Azure Form Recognizer?

It’s an AI-powered document extraction service that understands your forms and quickly extracts text and structure from them to accelerate your business processes.

It works by applying advanced machine learning to accurately extract text, key-value pairs, tables, and structures from documents. With just a few samples, you can tailor Form Recognizer to understand your documents, both on-premises and in the cloud and turn them into usable data at a fraction of the time and cost so you can focus more on acting on the information, rather than compiling it.

Keeping Data Safe & Secure:

You don’t have to worry about your data being at risk. Form Recognizer keeps your data private. Any customization of documents is not used by Microsoft – it’s exclusively yours. What’s more you control your data by using containers you decide where Form Recognizer processes your data—supporting consistency in hybrid environments across data, management, identity, and security. And added peace of mind comes from the fact that Form Recognizer is part of Azure Applied AI Services, backed by Azure infrastructure and enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability.

The benefits:

  •  No manual labelling is required.
  •  You can tailor information layouts to your needs and finesse it with human input
  • Advanced machine learning means the system will keep on learning your needs to improve extraction and layout
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy is applied to your data and trained layout models.
  • Dramatically reduced data processing timescales

What next?

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