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Discover Expedite: The AI-Powered Context-Driven Data Extraction and Management Solution

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Imagine being able to cut your contract handling time by over 90 percent! Just think how this could accelerate your time to market and your competitiveness, not to mention the result it would have on your bottom line. Well, all that is no longer an imaginary feat with our new AI powered solution – Expedite, it’s now a reality! 

Expedite is a Cobweb proprietary solution and the first of its kind. We called it Expedite because the name sums up exactly what it does. It Expedites: 

  • Contract processing. 
  • Onboarding times.
  • Competitiveness.
  • Business growth. 
  • Reduced human errors.

Register here to attend our webinar on Expedite on May 30th at 6.00 pm (UAE time)

Proof Positive:

We developed this game-changing solution for an international client operating in the hospitality sector. Our AI and cloud solutions experts and architects spent six months coming up with this solution, which is changing the way our client does business, and will transform the face of hospitality inventory and contract management.

Our experts turned to Open AI’s GTP4 Turbo technology and Microsoft Azure’s AI in Intelligent Apps with custom prompt engineering to extract and validate data from unstructured documents. They leveraged cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, natural language processing techniques, and contextual understanding capabilities to ensure extracted data is accurate and meaningful within its original context.  

The result is far reaching with Expedite enhancing context-driven data extraction and management, coping with seasonal changes and special promotional offers and providing ad hoc query handling for help desk support with data prompt features heightening customer services.  

Using Expedite, our client has cut its contract loading and completion times from 10 hours per contract, to 45 minutes and increased its €1.5B hotel business. Our client will now roll out the solution across 17 of its global markets working with a variety of in country destination management companies. We are now busy re-engineering the data prompts for this roll out to suit individual destinations ruling out any need to redevelop the application for each market. 

More Than Hospitality:

Though this solution is more than proving its worth for the travel and tourism industry, its potential is far reaching with major implications for the banking, finance, insurance, aviation, legal, and healthcare sectors legal and healthcare sectors. With a solution that delivers faster processing, swifter times to market, accelerates competitiveness and speeds up business growth what’s not to like?  

Time is of the essence:

It is time for your business to unlock the power of AI! To discover more on AI’s potential in supercharging your business, reach out to Cobweb’s experts now on +971 44553100  

To reach out to us, email at: or call us on +971 4 455 3100.