Azure Identity & Access Management

Synchronising on-premises Active Directory accounts to Azure Active Directory

When moving to the cloud, it's critical to secure user identities, application access and sign-in capabilities for on-premises applications and public cloud services.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft's central authentication platform for delivering security, identity and access management across device and infrastructure, for applications implemented in the cloud, on mobile, and on-premises.


Benefit from advanced on-premises integration with Office 365

Here are some of the benefits of moving to the cloud to secure user identities, applications access
and sign-in capabilities

Service management


Seamless sign-on access to
Office 365 workloads

Orchestrated platform maintenance


Pass-through authentication for real-time authentication requests between Office 365 and on-premises Domain Controllers



Enhanced password protection to on-premises Active Directory


Plus enhanced security features, such as



Privileged identity management



Supported third party cloud services to simplify on-boarding of new staff and leaving-process

Identity management


Granular control over how corporate resources are accessed



Multi-factor authentication




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The ABCs of Cobweb Azure IAM

Assessment  ASSESSMENT

We conduct a consultation workshop to detail the Azure AD Identity and Access Management configuration concepts, features, and options in the context of business goals

Next, we conduct a baseline assessment of the on-premises Active Directory and infrastructure to assess overall health, and ability to meet required deployment prerequisites

Then, we prepare a cloud discovery report, documenting the selected features and prerequisite work required to enable directory synchronization to be implemented

Implementation  IMPLEMENTATION

Services and agent deployment follows two key stages:

1. A pilot to confirm the solution is working as expected

2. The full solutions roll-out across the business

Management  MANAGEMENT

The Cobweb Complete IAM managed services helps organizations maximize their ROI in identity management and directory synchronization through:

Advanced active monitoring and management

Orchestrated platform maintenance, including patching and updates

Synchronization troubleshooting, including problem identification and repair carried out by 24/7 reactive support

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