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Acronis ‘Per Workload’ Pricing

Learn more about Acronis’ new ‘Per Workload’ pricing model.

Product NameUnit of ChargeRRP
Acronis – ServerItem£19.50
Acronis – VMItem£5.00
Acronis – vCloud Director VMItem£6.00
Acronis – WorkstationItem£2.50
Acronis – Hosting ServerItem£2.50
Acronis – Microsoft 365 seat (with unlimited Acronis Hosted Cloud storage)*User£2.00
Acronis – Microsoft 365 seat (for SP/Local/Azure/Google Hosted storage)*User£1.00
Acronis – Microsoft Hosted ExchangeUser£0.70
Acronis – Google WorkspaceUser£1.00
Acronis – MobileItem£1.70
Acronis – WebsiteItem£1.00
Acronis – Acronis Hosted StorageGB£0.04
Acronis – Google Hosted StorageGB£0.05
Acronis – Azure Hosted StorageGB£0.05
Advanced Backup – ServerItem£9.00
Advanced Backup – VMItem£4.20
Advanced Backup – WorkstationItem£0.66
Advanced Backup – Hosting ServerItem£0.66
Advanced ManagementItem£1.00
Advanced SecurityItem£0.84
Advanced Email Security (Perception Point)Item£2.20
Advanced Data Loss ProtectionItem£2.20
Advanced Disaster Recovery – Acronis Hosted StorageGB£0.06
Advanced Disaster Recovery – Hybrid StorageGB£0.04
Advanced Disaster Recovery – Acronis Hosted – 1 compute pointRunning Hour£0.06
Advanced Disaster Recovery – Acronis Hosted Public IP addressItem£2.30
*When a user is removed, any data held in their mailbox will then become chargeable as storage (as per the Acronis Hosted Storage model)