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Harrison Careers

Investment bank recruitment specialists Harrison Careers help students from Europe’s leading universities gain their dream jobs. Based in Nevada, they wanted a respected cloud services provider with secure, fully compliant, ISO accredited UK data centres and procedures. After being disappointed by other providers they recruited Cobweb Solutions expertise for help with their business email, information sharing and data storage needs.

"Cobweb’s Microsoft Exchange service makes everything possible for us – they have the best technical support I have ever encountered!" Peter Harrison, CEO.

Recruitment specialists Harrison Careers utilise their extensive expertise with the latest industry knowledge, to help their clients make that first important step into the investment banking sector.

Their team which includes over 200 part-time interview experts, coach students from the moment they join until they get the full-time permanent job they are looking for.

With a 100% recruitment success rate, recent client employments include into the Top 15 Global Investment Banks and the Big Four Accounting Firms.

Harrison adds, “We ensure success by working with candidates until they get the job offer they truly want.”
Operating as a virtual office with management based in Nevada their high quality service and recruitment success is heavily reliant on information technology and their ability to share information efficiently and securely.

Their clients are dependent on them for 24/7 advice, specialist knowledge and support during a highly stressful and challenging time in their lives. Therefore, the company needed a cloud services provider with the same ethos that they could completely rely on and trust with their data.

The Challenge

As part of their long-term expansion and awareness building plans Harrison Careers knew they required a faster and more effective means of sharing information.

Harrison comments, "Sharing information was one of our biggest problems – we had tried three other cloud services providers but they all let us down. Good technical support seems to be getting harder to find."

Their team needs to be able to constantly access thousands of contact files on prospective and actual clients, coaches and suppliers. This combined with changing team members and various technical problems made them realise they needed to implement a business email solution with 24/7 technical support 365 days a year.

After contemplating an in-house solution and quickly deciding their requirements were too complex they decided the best route would be to outsource to a cloud based business email solutions provider. However, they were frustrated to be let down by several cloud services providers including MDaemon, Ibackup and Contacts4Outlook.

This left them on the lookout for a supplier who could provide them with outstanding UK based technical support, so that they could concentrate on continuing to deliver a fantastic service to their customers.

Extremely impressed by their prospective Account Manager at Cobweb Solutions but still slightly pensive after being let down by other providers, they decided to test out Cobweb’s technical support before committing.

Harrison adds, "Our staff called Cobweb’s technical support seven times over the course of a week at all hours of the day. Every time the phone was answered within five rings by a real person. That convinced us to join!"

The Solution

Harrison Careers opted for a Microsoft Hosted Exchange business email service from Cobweb Solutions. As Europe’s leading Hosted Exchange provider Harrison Careers knew their data was in safe hands.

Julian Dyer, Chief Technical Officer, Cobweb Solutions explains, "Our hosted services platform is located within two of London’s only ISO 27001 accredited data centres. Customers of multi-national cloud services providers do not know where their data is stored and it is often in many different data centres around the world. Our Tier 3+ ISO accredited data centres provide a state-of-the-art, secure and fully compliant infrastructure giving our clients the peace of mind they need in today’s potential data storage minefield."

Dyer adds, "We have found an increased number of US companies looking for UK based cloud services providers. Data stored in the US or by non-US based affiliates is open to the Patriot Act which can allow the government access to business records. Many firms are therefore concerned that confidential data could potentially be open to disclosure to US authorities."

Cobweb Solutions provide ISO certified data security with all data stored in Tier 3+ UK based data centres, compliant to highly stringent Information Security Management Systems.

Harrison comments, "I like the fact that using Cobweb in the UK rather than a US provider gives me a much higher level of protection against access to our data. The US Patriot Act allows easy access to any US Government agency."
Harrison’s team can now communicate and access vital information securely, efficiently and effectively 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world either through a mobile device or pc with an internet connection.

Dyer adds, "Our dedication to our customers is manifested through our strong belief that one size does not fit all. Over the years we have worked extremely closely with Harrison Careers to ensure that our service continuously works for them and their changing needs."

Harrison remarks, "Microsoft Exchange is complex especially the way we use it and Cobweb bends over backwards to make things works for us. The guys are always friendly and extremely helpful. Product upgrades have been rolled out smoothly and you always feel that you are being well looked after."

This flexibility and high level of support and service allows Harrison Careers to utilise Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook in the most effective way.
In the future they would like to utilise Cobweb’s expertise even further in order to get their marketing message across to more prospective clients, enabling them to remain at the forefront of the specialist investment banker recruitment market.

Peter Harrison concludes, "We could not possibly run our business without Cobweb. The benefits to our company are hard to calculate, but I estimate it runs into the tens of thousands of pounds. Their service is outstanding and we especially love the 24/7 technical support which we use constantly. I recommend them to everybody!"

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