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Cleansing Service Group Limited

Industry Environmental
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 Cleansing Service Group Ltd (CSG) is a waste management specialist that has been keeping customers happy for more than 75 years. Providing a variety of household, commercial and industrial services, the company manages everything from collection to final disposal of countless waste streams.

Dan Gailer, Network & Communications Manager, and Andy Roberts, Network & Communications Support, explain how Cobweb Hosted Exchange has removed the need for email management and enabled them both to concentrate on other areas of the business to progress the internal IT strategy.

CSG is a long-established provider of waste management services, operating nationally across a broad range of commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.

Its operational raison d’etre is to efficiently and safely collect, process and dispose of numerous waste streams, maximising the reuse and recycling potential whenever possible in full compliance with prevailing legislation.

With 22 sites across the country and more than 300 employees – 125 of which are Outlook 2010 users – CSG relies heavily on email to communicate with customers and colleagues. Furthermore, the company has only three members of staff to conduct maintenance and support of the whole IT system.

The Challenge

Prior to the adoption of a cloud-based email solution, CSG was reliant on a basic, in-house email set-up that used the MDaemon mail server for its communication requirements. Although workable, this set-up was very limited and didn’t allow for the developing infrastructure CSG required for the future.

“We literally had to manage everything ourselves and because our email was using the POP3 protocol, there was minimal opportunity for collaboration between users. It was convenient at the time because MDaemon was cost-effective and simple to manage,” commented Andy.

However, Dan and Andy were coming up against persistent email issues such as mailbox size limits and the inability to share calendars and folders. This, plus increasing spam and incompatibility with mobile technology, meant another option needed to be found.

“As a business that handles customer orders and enquiries, we felt it was too risky having such a high dependency on our in-house email system. We decided we needed a solution that would be reliable as well as something scalable to reflect the growth of the company,” added Dan.

The Solution

Already aware of cloud computing and the benefits it offers, CSG made the decision to replace its existing email system with one that was cloud based. Dan continued:

“We knew there were only two platforms we could realistically choose – either Google Mail or Microsoft Exchange. So we performed a Google search and Cobweb appeared in the top search results for a specialist hosted Exchange provider and at a very competitive price. This was ideal for us as we felt Google’s platform would be too big a leap due to the fundamental differences in the services and the training costs that would be associated with this.

“We also noticed Cobweb was based in Fareham – just up the road from our own office. This was important in our decision-making process in terms of the support available. Cobweb’s strong client base, competitive pricing and existing customer reviews reinforced this decision.”

The Next Step

Dan and Andy contacted Cobweb and after speaking to Matt Hall, Cobweb’s Sales Executive, took out an initial trial to ensure it was the right solution for the company’s needs.

“The trial enabled us to test the service on three or four users to get a feel for the benefits we’d receive company-wide. Matt was extremely knowledgeable and gave us the information that reassured us the solution would work,” Andy said.

They were both satisfied with the trial and moved forward with the transition to Cobweb Hosted Exchange.

“The on-boarding process was very smooth. Having chosen a new domain to coincide with the transition from our in-house set-up to Cobweb’s hosted solution, we were able to switch to the service without any interruption to our users. Every step of the way was very straightforward and Cobweb was able to move multiple gigabytes of data from MDaemon’s platform quickly and easily,” explained Dan.

The Cobweb Experience

Stating that CSG is already noticing the benefits of Cobweb Hosted Exchange, Andy said:

“The spam levels we were getting prior to Cobweb’s solution have reduced by a large margin. Also, users have a lot more freedom as they no longer need to use VPN outside the CSG network, meaning they can continue communicating with customers and colleagues wherever they are located."

Andy went on to explain how he and Dan are equally as impressed with the speed of email delivery, availability and shared collaboration that’s now present with the new system:

“Users can share their mailboxes and calendars with colleagues now, so they are always up to date with office presence. Cobweb’s solution comes with full management support, meaning we can now focus on other areas of the business. We have total trust in the system with the peace of mind we have the support available should we need it.”

Asking Dan to list the top three benefits of Cobweb Hosted Exchange, he responded:

“Definitely reliability, which is most important; scalability as we are a multi-site company; and complete trust in the system and the support we receive from Cobweb.”

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