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“The Cobweb email service provides us with much quicker response times. Our staff say that sending and receiving email is now instant. Spam is also no longer a problem because of the many spam filters that Cobweb employs. Employees can also access email on Blackberry’s if they’re out of the office. Cobweb therefore provides us with the speed, reliability, and flexibility that we require to meet our email requirements.” Neil Prince, Group IT Manager, Rybrook Holdings Ltd

One of Britain’s largest and most prestigious car dealer groups relied on a POP3 hosted email solution for vital email communications. Lacking reliability and functionality, Rybrook Holdings Ltd turned from the older solution to Cobweb Hosted Exchange for robust, highly functional, 24/7/365 cloud-enabled email capabilities.

Rybrook Holdings Ltd has gained its position as one of the United Kingdom’s top 25 motor groups by focusing on excellence: the company markets 11 prestigious automobile marques including Rolls-Royce, Bentley, McLaren, BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and other quality products to discerning purchasers.

Additionally, the company offers highly skilled after-sales service and repairs. With 18 Franchise outlets located throughout the country, Rybrook Holdings Ltd strives to maintain its reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction in part by adopting state-of-the-art IT communications solutions.

The Challenge

Rybrook Holdings Ltd relies on email as a critical part of its communications strategy: prospective customers can respond to product offers on the Rybrook website via internal email links. Rybrook marketing uses email to maintain contact and motivate sales with existing and prospective customers.

Automotive manufacturers use email to communicate technical bulletins, notifications and sales campaigns to specific job functions and individuals within Rybrook, including sales, marketing and after-sales staff. Email is also used as a critical tool for internal staff communications. Disruption of email capabilities could severely hamper Rybrook’s ability to operate.

Historically, however, Rybrook was using a standard POP3 mailserver for its email capabilities. The use of older email technologies presented a number of challenges: receipt and send of email could be slow and cumbersome. The POP3 system lacked critical functionalities including the provision of automated distribution groups and integrated calendars.

The lack of automated, inclusive distribution groups slowed the implementation of critical communications such as marketing campaigns and other customer-focused messaging. Out of office messages could only be applied by the Group IT team.

Rybrook Holdings Ltd management recognised that they required a new email solution to overcome these challenges. They desired a state-of-the-art solution that would provide fast and reliable email capabilities.

They wanted a solution that delivered flexibility, allowing their many personnel located across the country to access email at anytime and from anywhere. They desired a new solution that integrated desired functionalities including distribution groups, calendars and Out of Office messages. Rybrook were also looking for a solution that was cost-effective.

Having considered a number of options, Rybrook Holdings Ltd selected Cobweb Hosted Exchange to meet its email requirements.

The Solution

Neil Prince, Group IT Manager for Rybrook, explains why the company chose Cobweb Hosted Exchange. “I’ve been working in the IT industry since 1994 and have seen technologies quickly advance during this time. When I started working for Rybrook Holdings Ltd I was asked to look for a better email solution than the current one. I did some research and realised that a cloud-enabled Hosted Exchange service was the way forward.

“Then I called a colleague. He had chosen Cobweb for his company and said it was one of the better decisions that he had ever made.”

Having made the decision to move to Cobweb, the company quickly discovered the many benefits that Cobweb’s cloud-enabled solution offers: Distribution Groups are included in the Cobweb pricing structure, and provided free of charge as part of the service. Calendar functionality is also included, allowing users to share calendar-based information. And because Cobweb Hosted Exchange is a cloud-based service, it is available at anytime and from anywhere via the Internet to Rybrook’s 513 users.

Using state-of-the-art cloud-driven architecture, Cobweb Hosted Exchange has eliminated the need for disparate POP3 infrastructure and has replaced that with a single, reliable centralised email solution.

“The Cobweb Hosted Exchange contract was the first contract that I signed when I joined the company,” Neil explains. “Most importantly, the Cobweb email service provides us with much quicker response times. Our staff say that sending and receiving email is now instant.

Spam is also no longer a problem because of the many spam filters that Cobweb employs. Employees can also access email on BlackBerry’s if they’re out of the office. Cobweb therefore provides us with the speed, reliability, and flexibility that we require to meet our email requirements.”

Neil also notes that Cobweb Hosted Exchange is highly cost-effective. “Cobweb Hosted Exchange provides 100% greater reliability and much higher levels of functionality than our older POP3 solution but at a cost that is less than previously incurred.”

Neil explains that Cobweb Hosted Exchange provides centralised administrative capabilities, thereby increasing efficiency. A single administrative portal allows designated administrators to add or delete users and allocate required storage to those users. “Cobweb Hosted Exchange provides an administrative console that is very easy to use,” Neil says. “I can quickly change the size of individual mailboxes, and add or delete users as required.”

Because Cobweb charges on a per user basis, this flexibility ensures that Cobweb customers pay only for what they use. Neil also explains that Cobweb Hosted Exchange’s speed and reliability are due to the underlying state-of-the-art infrastructure that Cobweb has deployed.

“The old POP3 system was supported only by a single Dell blade and server located in the email provider’s datacentre and that was dedicated to us. The system was using only a single blade, which provided a lack of redundancy, flexibility and speed.”

Neil points out that Cobweb Hosted Exchange is supported by a wide range of cloud-enabled technologies that offer redundancy, speed and quick accessibility to email.

“Speed and reliability of the Cobweb mailserver technology is one of the solution’s primary benefits. Cobweb has substantial hosted services, massive cloud-enabled infrastructure, exceptional resilience and robust backup capabilities. The infrastructure therefore delivers a highly reliable hosted email capability that provides us with the speed and functionalities that Rybrook Holdings Ltd requires.

“I have already recommended Cobweb Hosted Exchange to other companies. I do so because of the reliability that it offers, as well as the service that we receive from Cobweb. When we rolled out Cobweb Hosted Exchange, the Cobweb provisioning team support was excellent and provided us with a 100 percent commitment. That approach to excellence reflects our company’s own mission, which is another reason why I also recommend Cobweb Hosted Exchange.”

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