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In order to meet marketing, compliance, legal, and additional operating requirements, Caffyns Dealership Group adopted powerful solutions from Cobweb. “Cobweb took the time to understand our business. When we first started using Cobweb hosted email, we thought it was a temporary solution, but it’s now a critical part of our communications capabilities”  Christopher Fullalove, Caffyns’ Director of IT.

Established in 1865, Caffyns’ current management are the trustees of a legacy of excellence. The company was the first automobile distribution organisation in the United Kingdom to obtain an Austin Morris franchise.
Now entering its third Century of business, today Caffyns is one of the leading car dealerships in the South East of England.

With 22 locations serving the automotive needs of thousands of customers daily, and representing world-renowned automobile Marques including Audi, VW, Land Rover, and Volvo, the company’s vision of excellence continues at the core of its strategy.

The Challenge

Christopher Fullalove, Caffyns’ Director of IT, recognised the benefits of embracing new communications technologies including email. However, as the organisation adopted this new technology, he also recognised that he required an email solution that was much more flexible, robust, and cost-effective.

“Over the past 10 years or so, and like many companies, we have embraced email as a method of supporting the communications requirements for a wide range of company departments including marketing, finance, sales & after sales services, and HR,” Fullalove explains.

“We initially started off with a very basic email system based on POP3 technology. But as our email requirements grew, I realised that we had to manage that growth.”

“We are a PLC, and subsequently face a great many constraints and fiduciary requirements. Email communications have become legally binding.

Due to Caffyns’ growing use of email, Fullalove recognised that the company needed to change its legacy solution.

Caffyns required not only a cost-effective email platform that was more flexible, but also a solution that would allow seamless archiving of critical email documents, cost-effectively.

“We either had to employ someone fulltime to manage our traditional email systems, or look to outsource,” Fullalove states. “We started to look at hosted email technologies because we had learned that these could be highly cost-effective, as well as infinitely more flexible and reliable.

We examined and piloted the hosted email exchange services from several companies. However, we discovered that data conversion was a great inconvenience and didn’t meet our needs. Then we talked to Cobweb. That was five years ago. We have been with them ever since.”

The Solution

Today, Caffyns’ email capabilities are powered by Cobweb Hosted Exchange services. This business-class email messaging and collaboration capability – expedited with robust and secure Internet technologies – enables Caffyns’ personnel to access email and other critical data including calendars, notes, and similar, on a 24/7 basis from anywhere in the world.

This flexible Cobweb solution also provides exceptional cost-effectiveness.

“We have a contract with Cobweb for 500 seats on their Hosted Exchange solution,” Fullalove explains. “The web version of this solution enables us to access Microsoft Office Outlook at and away from the business.
While other solutions such as Google might seem to offer similar capabilities, they are nowhere near as effective as Cobweb. In addition to productivity and efficiency increases – which have resulted in significant savings – we find that Cobweb Hosted Exchange is exceptionally cost-effective. So much so that we can allow email access to the majority of our personnel.”

“Cost-effectiveness is also achieved through Cobweb’s back-end administration technologies. For instance, we can easily remove email accounts for those who may have left the company.

We have been allocated a set amount of Gigabytes that we can use as we see fit, spreading that allocation to heavy users. This is really useful in that we don’t waste allocation on staff that doesn’t need it.”

Fullalove also appreciates the high levels of security that the Cobweb Hosted Exchange solution offers to his company. “We can easily access a report that shows us the amount of phishing and virus attacks. I need to emphasise that not one of these attacks has been successful.

Cobweb’s solution is very secure, and that reinforces our confidence in this system.”
Additionally, Fullalove notes that Caffyns’ staff save significant time due to Cobweb’s Anti-Spam services. “Spam is absent from our emails. Cobweb is very proactive at removing spam, and this leaves our users to concentrate on genuine correspondence. ”

Cobweb’s Message Archiver solution has been integrated into Caffyns’ Hosted Exchange email solution to help meet a variety of compliance requirements.

“Half the reason we went with Cobweb is due to its exceptional email archiving solution,” Fullalove notes.
“We needed something robust for legal and tax reasons. With Cobweb’s Message Archiver solution, we have the confidence of knowing that all of our email communications are automatically and securely archived.”
Cobweb’s Message Archiver automatically flags, compresses, and archives all email documents, thereby providing a complete messaging history. Stored in Cobweb’s secure data storage infrastructure, archiving frequencies are managed by users to meet exact requirements.

“Message Archiver’s back-end allows users to configure archiving to meet their unique requirements,” Fullalove explains. “For instance, you can archive a message immediately after it is sent or received, or at any frequency you wish.”

Message Archiver provides Caffyns the security and confidence of knowing that complete message histories are instantly available.

“Historic email documents, including any attachments, are available to us over the web and when needed,” Fullalove says.

“We can search by a variety of tags including to/from, recipient, attachment, and even through a textual search. This means that we can quickly locate any email message – or strings of messages – that we may require to meet legal, tax, and compliance issues and queries. As a PLC, this is critical.

“Recent legislation has changed our compliance requirements. We now have a powerful tool to help us locate relevant email documents, should we need to.”

Fullalove strongly recommends Cobweb’s Hosted Exchange and Message Archiver solutions. “Hosted Exchange is highly flexible. It increases our productivity and efficiency.

It is extremely cost-effective because it allows us to switch users on and off instantly. Message Archiver is robust and accurate. It ensures that we are able to keep – and manage – all email histories in one location.”

“Would I recommend Cobweb Solutions? The answer to that question is that I already have, and will continue to do so.

Caffyns now uses Cobweb solutions to drive many critical areas of communications, including sales and marketing. “We recently had a review with Cobweb, and intend to add a lot more value to our marketing using their solutions,” Fullalove states.

“Communications on Cobweb infrastructure and solutions will help to motivate customer loyalty, and expand profitability and revenues.

“Cobweb took the time to understand our business. When we first started using Cobweb, we thought it was a temporary solution, but it’s now a critical part of our communications capabilities.
Without doubt, Cobweb has provided us with an exceptional hosted exchange and archiving solution that helps our company meet its objectives.”

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