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How to check if you are affected by Azure maintenance?

Microsoft are performing reboots of Virtual Machine hosts in Azure. These may impact you if you run Azure IaaS VMs. This is due to the hardware-based security vulnerability disclosed yesterday.

You should have received an email notifying you, however, we have outlined an example below:

1. Your VMs will be rebooted. You can see whether they are due to be impacted by visiting Azure Service Health from the Azure Portal, a sample is shown in the image below.


2. Click on affected resources
to see those affected in the next round of reboots. The image below shows a sample of this, and the timeframe as to when it will reboot.

Affected Resources

3. You will also see a notification when you view an impacted VM. As per the image below.



4. If you don’t have a notification your VM may already be rebooted
, you can see this is in the resource health for the VM. A sample is shown below.

VM Health

Any VMs in an availability set will be rebooted one at a time
to ensure at least one is still available. 

Please bear in mind any VMs not in availability set and not on premium disks do not receive an SLA from Microsoft, and it is always best practice to ensure your VMs are in an availability set to ensure maintenance such as this does not affect your workloads.